After getting a idea about how he could help make his family situation better.He just needed someone who could help him in making the games.

And a person he could trust to help him out with his plans.

All he needed to do is to find a way to get him on broad with his idea.

However he would have to want until that person got back from his classes.In the mean time he could start working on the game engine.

This would also help him to start unlocking the memories he had about programming and game mechanics.As his brain would unlock the information faster when one practiced in that particular field.

After switching on the computer and was about to start.He released their wasn enough room on the computer system hardware.

He could try to increase the space on the hardware but he likely would have to be using this computer for a few months.And theres also fact that his family members would also have to use the computer for themselves.

This would make his work slow and in convenient since a number of people used the same computer. It would also be bad if someone accidentally mass up his work.

As people were still getting used to computers systems, even though the people in his family were all greatly intelligent .They weren experts in the computers hardware so this was another big problem.

So he would to get his own personal computer which needed money which he didn have at the moment. Thinking about it he first needed some quick cash that could help him start to implement his plans.

It could also improve his families current situation at the moment. So he needed to find some who he could help and who had lots of money.

And he had two places in mind Microsoft and Apple if could help these two companies out he could gain a lot of start up capital.

And thank fully in enough his parents had set up a personal bank account for him and his siblings. However the US was still steal a bit aways off in their online banking system.

Currently Frances and the UK we
e the only country who had master the the online banking system at the moment.

However make an operating system for the banks would require him to heck into their systems.Which he couldn do since he didn even any basic heck skills.

At the moment he only had a general concept of the field due his knowledge on programming.

So after a while of contemplation he start to design operating software systems on for Apple and Microsoft.

He could make roughly 250 000 US dollars from Microsoft and Apple the his software.

This ment he didn even have to make the games hed planned. However in the future the gaming industry is a huge golden mine.

Why would he pass up the chance take large slice of the cake for small change.Doing that would be in sane with his future knowledge.

However even he would have to tell his family about this as it would be weird to keep it a secret if he could make that kind of money.

Even though he had been the only odd ball In their family they still treat him like a treasure. And even when he put his family in financial trouble they didn change how they treated him.

With that thought settled he started with his work and wrote the codes for the system.

It takes him about two days to finish coding the software which would make the computer load faster be smoother,improve the frame rate and have better computering speed.

He could do this due to the fact it was fairly simple for him thanks to his advice knowledge that was decades ahead of this time.

Around three oclock his siblings returned to the house and so there little brother in the living room working hard on the PC.

Jennifer interested in what he was doing since he never used a computer before. And was worried he would accidentally break it making their dad made.

Since had taken the computer from his work place for them to use at home when needed.

”Hey,what are you doing? ”asked Jennifer from behind Alex which startled him while deep in his work.

Huhhhh! scream Alex inspires

” Oh its just you, you scared me I didn know you were back home already ”,said Alexs inspired.

”Sorry we came back early to see how you were doing since this is the first time youve stayed home a lone. ”

It was true since when they would live Alex would stay the elderly couple who lived in the next apartment complex. Since they loved spending time with him since also had a grandson around his age.And thy had visited him in the hospital during his coma and encourage his family.

They had recently gone stay with their sons family for the time being. Hence why did come and visit him when he got back.

Looking at her little brother Jennifer asked, ” what were you doing on the computer? ”

”I was writing? ”replied Alex

”When did you know how to write use the computer? ”asked Jennifer with suspicion in her voice.


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