After explaining to his family on the reason why he sneak out of the house late that night. And getting a sturn warning from all of them not to ever do that again.

On the other hand they were quite surprised and happy to see that he was able to get over his learning disorder. Even so they did find it little weird that this incident caused this to happen?

But they didn question him on the matter since they all had hoped hed get over it someday. So they just took the story at face value and ended it there.

After spending several more hours there with him they eventually had to live the hospital to attend to others matters.

Jennifer on the other hand was reluctant to live and had to be dragged away by Duke.

After spending the night at the hospital Alex was able to readjust his mental state back to his previous personality.

As when he had waking up he was a little confused about who he was with all the new memories he gotten from the inventory of the helmet.

And he also new he memories of two other people in his head.However as he received so much information from the Apuls helmet.

His brain strength brain had automatically locked away the other memories and was slowly giving him the information.This was away for the brain to protect and keep himself sane.

As the brain would store away these things in a certain part of itself and would unlock them slowly.

This was thanks to the creator of the helmet seeing this problem and making it that the brain would go through this process.

And it was also to keep the host brain from thinking that it was now someone else.

After going through this information Alex decided to go to sleep first as he and become overwhelmed with all the events that happened today.

The next morning his mother and father came to pick him up from the hospital. His other siblings couldn came as they had to attend their classes.

Using a pair of crutches to move and with the help of a nurse he put on a gray track suit.

After finishing they moved to their car which was a old gray Toyota land cruiser.

After a long drive back to their house which was located in red hook.It was a old two story building that was painted red.

After getting into the house he what to the freezer to get a cold drink however after opening the only thing in there was bottle of water and a bag of apples.

Seeing this Alex felt a pain in his heart as he also noticed that there were other things missing that used to be the house.

He had caused his family to struggle even more this may also be the reason why his father chose to get him out of the hospital so quickly.

As his wouldn have let him leave so early after waking up and confirming the doctor about his condition.

Martha Seeing her son expression sink she told him to go to his room to change and wash up as made him some soup.

Heading upstairs to his room which was on the second floor there were three rooms in their house. Each of his siblings shared a room together.

After changing and washing up what back downstairs to the living room. At the corner of the room was a computer made by Microsoft that his family used.

The switching on the TV he released that it was in black and white. Looking at it back they used to have one in color meaning they sold that one.

They most likely got this one from their neighbors house as he remembers them having one like this in their basement.

After setting down and finishing his soup he could stop looking at the computer. From his memories he remember how they looked and fiction in the future.

He new there many was to make money off of them.The internet being the biggest one of them,however not many people still had a computer.

And know how to use it to make money on them.Suddenly an idea about how to make big money of them came to mind.


More specifically a game by made by id software a small game company that rose to fame in the early 90s with hit games titles such as Commander Keen,Wolfenstein,Quake and DOOM.

However due to poor management it eventually became a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media.

All because of the leadership of John Carmack who even kicked out the other four founding members of the company.

Who had a different opinion on what the did with the company.

However it was still at least four years before they made their first big hit Wolfenstein.

After this thought a small smirk form on Alex face.

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