August 19 1988 Brooklyn

In one of its hospital lied charming looking boy with a confused expression on his face looking at the doctor in front of him.

As the doctor checked the boy confusingly he was surprised at the results. If he remembers correctly this boy always had surveyor learning disorder from his case flie. As when speaking to the boy about how he felt after waking up from his long two month coma.

He felt as if wasn speaking to a 13 year old boy but was talking to an expressed business man with great speaking skill. He didn show any signs of having a problem speaking and understanding to they were talking about.

Leading him to wonder if the case flie were mistakenly swap with another persons.

However his mother confirmed that the case flie was his and everything in it was accurate about his condition.

After the doctor felt the room the middle-aged looked at her son with disbelief at how well he spoke to the doctor. She clearly remembers how much time there family spent on teaching him how to do the simple thing.

The boy stared back at the middle-aged woman looking at her closely. As he knew from his memories that this woman was his mothers whose name was Martha Williams

Looking at her appearance Alex could judge that she was around 29-33 years age.She had slightly dark brown skin with jet black smooth curly hair and golden eyes which was odd for people to have. Overall she was a stunning woman, even though she had a slightly round belly which was brearly noticeable.

As even the male doctor stop to take quick glance at her. Alex even remembers how many men would stop and approach her when she want out.His mother had also tried wearing big sunglasses and a scarf over her head to cover her face.

However it only made look suspicious which is why she had stopped doing it when police officers approached her once.

Alex also has a similar appearance to her but his skin seemed much lighter with soft facial features. Even though the she kept talking to him after ending her phone call with his father.

Alex thoughts were somewhere else as he could not stop recall what he had been dreaming of while in his coma.There many things in his head which confused him but somehow is able to understand it.

His head was filled with so much information as if it would explode. He had many memories about movies, video game ,music, television series and the people who made them. There were even devices that were several decades ahead of his current time that was hard for him to believe were only seen in sci-fi movies.

What was more surprising to Alex was that he knew how they were made and their internal workings of this of the devices that were in his head.

He also released that he had gained knowledge in certain fields that he never learned such as programming, engineering, Business management ,hacking and so on.

His mind has basically been filled to the bream with various knowledge and ideas.

Alex? Alex? ”Hey! are you evening listening to your worried mother? Honestly its as if you have forgotten everything we taught you about respecting you elders. ”

”Ah… am really sorry mother, ” said Alex apologetically while lowering his head in embarrassment.

”Its fine Im just thankful that your okay know ”,said Martha with a sigh. ”However who have thought that this incident would help you somehow help you recover from your disorder.

Looking at the son she has been taking care of being able to have a smooth conversation with him brought her great joy. As she wished silently in heart that this wasn just one of the dreams shes on her mind for a long time.

Will your father is coming over now with the others to see you know.Im hoping that you will never sneak out of the house in the middle of the night after this again you hear me young man.

Said Martha the a very stern look in her eyes show no room for discussion.

”Yes mother it will never happen again ”

Said Alex not daring to look her into her fieres golden eyes that looked like a lioness that was about swallow its pray.

Alex know recalls the events leading to his current situation. He had sneak out of the house after hearing loud noises coming outside the house. As the previous him thought that they were fireworks that he had seen on television.

However after reaching the loction of all the loud noise he suddenly dropped to the ground after something seemed to hit him.

After looking at the location of were he was hit when he woke up.He saw that there were bandages one his shoulder, belly and right chest.

However the doctor he spoke to told him that they didn hit any vital organs meaning that there shouldn be any problems in the future.So they could release him when they finished his check up.

Even though he nearly died Alex was still excited about what he had gained from this. As with this he was able to get rid of his autism and had become much more intelligent then even Albert Einstein himself.

With this knowledge he could even conquer the world if he desires to.However that would have to wait until recovered however he already started creating plans on how to achieve his goal.He still also needed to figure out how his mind and body was affected by this suddenly change, even if the helmet was only meant to improve the human brain.

From want he knows about the Apuls helmet it was never met to transfer memories through space and time. So its still to early to celebrate over his recovery as who knows if this is only temporary.Who knows if he might just die from whatever is happening to his brain right now.

So he needed to just what and see what next in the future.

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