At Microsoft headquarters in a large office located at the top floor set a middle-aged man. Who set quietly on his chair while looking instantly looking at his computer screen where he received a suspicious email.

This man was the current CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates. After looking at the screen for a full hour he finally called his secretary to his office.

”Jeffery call the leading the technical manager of the software processor for the new windows system. And let him prepare a emergency meeting with his staff right away know. ”said Gates on a furious and worried voice

Did their systems get hacked or did someone come up with a better version of their windows software system. If so this could seriously effect the company if their competitors got a hold of this.

His hold on the monopoly of the windows system could be threatened and they would lose their advantage against competitors.

After three hours they started the meeting and began to discuss the situation. However Gates was in disbelief that their windows system wasn stolen.

After a while he and the technical staff did more indebted research on the windows software system they were surprised at how advanced it was. The technical staff and he had been originally working on a new windows software system that would be released two to three years time.

However this software was already three years a head of them currently even though it seemed to be only a small part of the software.

”Boss even though we now have this small part of the software it will still take time to figure out how it operates and may take us at least a year to complete it. ”said one of the technical staff members.

Thinking for a bit Gates finally focused on the sender which only had one word Pay.Which met the person what him to pay to have the full version.

However he wasn sure even if he paid for the software, he would be the only one to have the it all to him self.

And he wasn wrong to think that as a group of stack holders of Apple were all sitting around a large table. And were listening to their technical team about the email they received with a small part of a new IOS software code.

They received with a simple word attached to it Pay

Two days after Alex sent the emails he still didn get a reply. However he wasn worried as he new that they would reply after struggle to figure out the software even though it had similar features to their current software.

It was just like telling someone to understand how to build a car that was mad 10 years in the future. Even if that car was made by themselves in the near future it would still be difficult to do with their current understand now than in the future.

As he was about to which off the computer and go do his homework he received an email. Quickly opening it up so that it was from Apple and just asked how much he wanted.

See this a smile appeared on Alex face than he quickly typed in a number. At Apple headquarters a group of people where standing around a computer screen wanting for a reply. Finally a email arrived with a number written 300 000 US dollars.

”What.. that all this person wants from us or is it that he doesn have the full version of the software ? ”spoke one of the board members.

”Its fine three hundred thousand dollars won hurt our pockets and this could also be our chance to find this person. ”said another board member.

”Alright send the money and lets find this person. ”said another

A few minutes a email arrived asking for Alex bank details smiling. Alex sends a bank number to the other part.

After they received the account number the send the money over and stared tracking the money to the account. However after the was sent to that account it suddenly disappeared to the disbelief of the others.

As they start to believe that they had been played as fools by the other party a email arrived. The person working the computer quickly opened it to see the full version of the IOS software codes.

Seeing this all the technical staff and board members started putting on huge grinds total forgetting about the three hundred thousand they sent.

After Alex transferred the money to his personal account a huge grind also formed on his face. He didn ask for more money from them because it would have been to difficult for him now to do.So he settled down with three hundred thousand dollars for now.

Later that night he told his family about how he helped a big tech company solve a problem they had.And how they sent him money as thanks.

His family were shocked to hear this and we
e full of disbelief at the large amount. And found it hard to say anything.

”WHAT EXACTLY DID YOU DO ALEX ? ”they all said in a shaking voice.

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