The year is 2030 as a an scientist by the name of Alexander Jones is walking along a spacious hallway while carrying a box filled with equipment.

Alexander is a 60 year old man stands at about 1.78 centimeter having white short hair with a large white beard. Wearing his white lab coat as he reached the and of the hall two burly black men standing by the heavily sealed.One of the security guard greeted him ”Good evening Mr Jones,isn it a late to visit the facility? ”Alexander looked at Mike and replied ”Im fine, its just that it isn good for an old man like me to stay at alone . ”

( As he said smiling )

”Okey,but you know the rules everyone should leave the building by 11:30 ”.

”Yah Yah I know ” replied Alex as he entered his own lab.Alex had been working here for about 20 years know. On his project called Apuls which was a device that he had been working on for almost 30 years. This helmet could basically which help strengthen the brain though process,memory and could even implant new information directly into the brain. This could giving someone new information they never knew.

The US government seeing the great benefits this bring them. As they sent government agents to Alex home to this base in area 51 this just shows the level of importance of the project.

And for the last ten years or so Alex had done some tests implanting new information in a few people the survey learning disorder making geniuses.Some become master programmers, expert mathematician gaining a photographic memory and so on.Now Alexs has began planing on implant his own knowledge and all his memories in to someone elses.

As he was working on the project he suddenly heard a loud boom! coming outside the room. Then a loud alarm went off all over the base and then a large group of armed men came.

One the men came in as Alex came out from under his desk with trembling hands.

”You there! you must be the great professor Alexander Jones. ” Hahaha! ”Im a big fan your work ” as he said while laughing .

”Please as come with us peacefully ”As dragged him to another part of the base with all his research materials.

”Where are you taking me? ” Asked Alex nervously

”Oh don worry Ill find out soon and her we are. ”As they arrived at a large building, h

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