Clang. Clang. Clang. The sound drowned out the world as tempered steel was forced to be shifted, changed, and made into a sharp edge. Flares of orange lit up in Wylls eyes as the hammer was brought down, the scattering of sparks illuminating the back of the forest as the club sped toward him. He held his breath as a string of information rang in his head.

[[Kanabō, blunt heavy weapon type. Rarity: Rare. Name: Unknown. Wielder: Unknown. Size: Six foot long]]

Wyll was confused, brow furrowing as he quickly dropped to his knees, narrowly avoiding the decapitating swing as it cleaved through the large cedar tree. The groaning crack of the wood, the alluring scent of the flesh of the wood, Wylls blood pumping as the copper taste of his own blood overwhelmed his sense of taste. This wasn anything like Wylls training; life and death were a fine line to walk as the bandit began to recover from his swing.

The massive studded club of iron began to slow, the sizeable greasy man slowing the club with his strength as Wyll dashed forward to close the gap. A smile crossed the mans face as he twisted his body, the Kanabō regaining inertia as the bandit brought the club over his shoulder and slammed it down. The clanging stopped as the forges flames began to dull with heat as a cold began to creep in.

The hiss of the blade being quenched sent the flames of the forge ablaze as they slowly came back to life. Wylls blood ran cold as he panted, a silver thread slowly illuminating the night; thanks to the thread, he had narrowly dodged the Kanabōs destructive crater. He struck out with the only weapons he had at the moment, his fists as he planted them in the mans chest, causing him to grunt. Gideon quickly shrugged off the blows, grunting as he pulled the Kanabō from the crater he had left from the force of the swing as he placed the two-handed club on his shoulder. He reeled back, handballed into a fist as he brought it to the boys jaw, hoping that Midori Oni would provide him with the strength boost to take Wylls jaw clean off.

The meaty thwack met Gideons ears instead of the crushing crunch of blunt dismemberment, Wyll catching the blow with both hands. Blood began to spill from the split skin on Wylls hands as, with a shaky breath, he quickly shifted the weight of Gideon. Wyll transferred his grip from the mitigated blow to Gideons wrist as he tossed his opponent over his head. Gideon lost balance, his world spinning as he hit the dew-covered forest with a dull thud as the air in his lungs was forced out. A pained gasp leaves the heavy bandit as he struggles to recall his breath, but Wyll hasn had his fill, knowing that the man is more than capable of getting up.

Wyll brought his foot up before slamming his heel into Gideons face, stomping the mans face in as thoroughly as he could, wanting to make sure that his opponent wouldn be getting back up any time soon. Blood splattered, bones cracking under each stamp of Wylls foot as Gideons face became a bloody mush. Blood bespatters the Kanabō as a miasma of green emanates from the Weapon, a dull heartbeat beginning to stir to life as the Weapon begins to shake some.

[[Kanabō, blunt heavy weapon type. Rarity: Rare. Name: Midori Oni. Wielder: Unknown. Size: Six feet long. Abilities: Onis Kanabō, Green Rampage]]

Wyll flinched as he saw this, turning to look at the Weapon still embedded in the ground as the miasma encased the weapon; a foreboding feeling crept up Wylls spine as he stepped towards the Kanabō, reaching out nervously. Gideons heart began to race, rage welling up from the deepest pits of his being as he began to stand. Deep darkness engulfed him, his pain had disappeared, but his vision was gone; he knew where his Weapon was as he reached out and stumbled closer with an outreached hand.

Before Wyll even realized what had happened, he watched the man reach past him, grabbing the handle of the Kanabō and pulling it from the ground before letting off a monstrous roar, shaking Wyll to his core as he felt unable to move as his body refused to breathe. He looked back at Gideon, the bandits eyes swollen shut. He could see pure white eyes in the bloody pulp left of a face as veins bulged all across his body, lifting the iron club with a single hand before beginning to swing wildly with no direction as he roared out in spite. The mans swings were unpredictable and powerful, forcing Wyll away as he quickly began to assess the careless swings.

The silver thread had disappeared, Wyll began to panic as the heat of the forge quickly faced, and the sound of the hammer had ceased. He could only hear his heart as his breath picked up in a panic. He didn know what to do; the bandit began to step closer as he forced Wyll to dance between the heavy swings, each one narrowly connected with Wyll, but there was no time to close the distance. A strike grazes Wylls shoulder as he grunts in pain, and the shoulder pad is shredded, knocked clean off into the distance. Gideon quickly places both hands on the Kanabō, his swings picking up with power as each one demolishes bits of his armor, each one beginning to hone in on his exact location.

A wellspring of emotions began to swell in Wyll, his heart racing as his breath grew ragged. He needed an escape, a way to knock out or kill Gideon, or he would be made into a fine paste by the club. His head became a muddled mess of thoughts and emotions; hopelessness began to build up as Wyll cried out as he screamed out in a mess of emotions. Gideon saw for a brief moment as his rampage began to clear, grey eyes quickly filled with flames. An orange glow filled those dull grey eyes with a flame of purpose. As if an unseen force was repelling Midori Oni, intricate patterns of glowing orange painted Wylls skin as suddenly the club was sent flying. The darkness took Gideon as he watched an ethereal Weapon form, feeling an undefined blade impale his heart as it took its last beats before falling still.

Wyll smelled and tasted copper, feeling his body surge with foreign strength and energy as blood began to spill from his nose. As quickly as the strength had filled him, it faded just as steadfast from his body as he let out a withheld breath before suddenly crumpling into a mess. The unseen blade clattered to the ground as Wyll lost his grip, dissipating as it grew still.

Gaemo was scared, his heart racing as the Dragoons hurriedly searched the forest. An injured Beastkin cub had come sobbing into the camp, screaming that Wyll needed help, that he was in danger with bandits. Everyone quickly suited up and armed themselves before heading into the forest. They had been searching for hours, trying to find their star prodigy, fearing the worst had become of Wyll and the bandits had dragged him off or possibly even worse. Gaemo was sick to his stomach as he ran about looking for any sign of his baby boy before some men began shouting they had found him.

Everyone converged on Wyll to find a gruesome sight. Wyll and a bandit, both batted and bruised, with one key difference between the two, Wyll was still breathing. Everyone was shocked as each of them was quick to identify the man, Gideon the Green Demon. A notorious bandit, a known killer, trafficker, and stain on humankind. What was shocking was that Wyll killed a rare Weapon Wielder of such stature. Gaemo shakily approached, carefully picking up Wyll to get him back to camp; his expression hardened, and he looked to his men.

”Get Gideon and drag him to camp. As for his Weapon, carefully bring it back to camp so that the Apostles of the Forge can reclaim the Weapon. Quick on your feet people, sunrise is just around the corner, and today is still a massive day! ”

He shouted out, his voice cold and harsh as he commanded his men. None of them held it against him as they knew the captain was trying to remain their leader as tears streaked down his face.

[[Midori Oni]]

Type: Blunt Heavy Weapon

Rarity: Rare

Weapon: Kanabō

Wielder: Gideon Thorn

Abilities: Onis Kanabō, Green Rampage, Reckless Abandon

[[Onis Kanabō: passive ability that is always active when Weapon is equipped. Wielders strength is doubled, allowing for the Weapon to be used with ease.]]

[[Green Rampage: When the Weapon feels it necessary it will further increase the Wielders strength to four times at the sacrifice of cognitive functions for the duration]]

[[Reckless Abandon: A series of quick and powerful strikes in front of the Wielder, broad strikes meant to push an enemy back or ensnare them in the flurry. Once an opponent is stuck, the strikes become more precise before ending with a pinpoint accurate blow.]]

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