Han Hwe-sung

”I wanted to tell you this before but Ha-ri she.. she.. ” she tried to talk but her voice trailed off again, this time she started sobbing and he stood up to embrace her and stroked her hair repeatedly.

”She threatened to kill me and my.. our baby Hyun-mi, she wanted to get rid of us, ” she whispered in tears and Hyun-mi slowly pulled from her as if she said something forbidden.

”S-she knew about us? ” He muttered with a shaky voice. If Ha-ri knew about them why did she still want to get married to him? and why didn she confront him about it?.

She had never told him she loved him infact those were the words she had never ever ever told anyone who lived or was living on planet Earth, she only expressed her love via money, gifts and light pecks which never turned to passionate kisses, she never acted like they were even dating, their dates were always a no-talk dinner at an expensive restaurant, which made Hyun-mi reconsider if she even had feelings atleast, she never smiled neither did she laugh or even a little giggle. She was just the representation of a plain black beautiful sheet.

”I-I don know but shouldn we start making plans for our wedding, I-

”We can keep this child. ” He stated and she furiously slapped him. Hard. A few hours ago she murdered her own cousin just to get a better life with the love of her life and here he was speaking and thinking like a coward and jerk. Atleast she thought the pregnancy would help her tie him down just incase he decides to be greedy.

e a total loser!!, f - ”

”Can you please just shut up and listen to me Hye-mi?!, ” He yelled, shaking her shoulders aggressively before proceeding with his speech. ”Today,I almost got married to Ha-ri but because Im madly in love with you things changed, Im already yours you don need to break your back for anything as long as the b__ch is in hell, where she belongs. We made her death look like a suicide and the world needs an explanation why she did that, if I get married to you with your pregnancy everyone would think that Ha-ri killed herself because she found out that I was having an affair! ”

Hye-mi paused to re-analyze and re-calculate all he had said, he wasn far from the truth – not a little bit, this baby would only complicate issues, they had planned on Ha-ris wedding night to end her during their honeymoon but all that changed because of her anger. She parted her lips to speak but they were interrupted by the sound of a knock on the door.

Hyun-mi froze and Hye-mi hurriedly wore her dress, who ever was on the other end could have probably heard their conversation which was a red flag for both of them. Hyun-mi slowly approached the door after taking a deep breath but suddenly the door opened up and Ara walked in with a worried look on her face.

”Mom, whats wrong? ”

”Hyun-mi, detective Ma. , hes here and hed like to have a word with you, ”

” Oh okay, Ill be downstairs in a minute..how did the conversation with Mr. Cha go?, ”

” Fine, Im off to meet him with Hye-mi ,he wants something in return, ”

” I thought we paid him a week ago, ” Hye-mi snapped.

” Yes, but he wants the house at Hong Kong, ”

”Then well give it to him, you don think changing a will could be so easy with just two million won, ”

” Alright, Hyun-mi..you don want to keep Mr. Ma waiting, Hye-mi lets go…I called your father the funeral will hold tomorrow, get ready, ”

” Okay, take care, ” Hyun-mi finally said before leaving the room. Hye-mi changed her dress into a long black dress and wore a pair of black shades to cover her eyes and make it look like she had cried. After that, they left through the back door.

Hyun-mi came downstairs stairs with bloodshot eyes, the black suited man seated on the white couch looked impatient as he placed a few pictures on the small glass table. Hyun-mi approached him and after shaking hands, he sat on the couch opposite to him.

e really sorry for your loss, Mr. Lee, losing Miss. Ko was an immense subtraction from the population and development as well, the president recently wrote his condolence speech on Twitter a few hours ago, we
e really sorry, ”

” Its okay, its okay, ” Hyun-mi said, sniffling. ” Losing her was like pulling out a thorn from my heart, we had plans to grow old together but now shes gone how can I ever replace her?, ” Hyun-mi said, cleaning a teardrop on his face.

” Its okay Mr. Lee,well I actually have a few questions for you regarding Miss. Kos demise please note that this entire conversation is being recorded, ”

” Wait.. you
e trying to say that I killed her? ”

” No…no we just need to find out why a multi-billionaire would murder herself on her wedding day, based on the pictures I have here, ” he said, pointing to a few pics of the death scene on the table, Hyun-mi almost felt his throat dry up when his eyes landed on Ha-ris hand, why did they have to take a picture of that too?

”Miss Ko actually stabbed herself with a fruit knife before jumping through the glass, there are no CCTV footages because she personally asked the hotel to exclude that from her room, the room was also soundproof which makes it hard to ask if anyone heard anything, ”

” Well ,one thing about Ha-ri was that she loved quietness and she despised chatty people, as an extrovert myself I had to exclude that from my life when I met her, ”

” So,did you notice anything different from her usual behavior a few days to your wedding? ”

” Umm.. she started talking about death more frequently brought it up in almost all our conversations, we could be driving and she could bring up issues like us having an accident, she found pleasure with binge watching horror movies on Netflix and she even thought about buying a gun to blow up her head if the need arises, ”

” But your supposed to be inlaw , Mrs Ko Ara, stated that Ha-ri always looked suicidal, she never had people around her except you and she was also very gloomy - ”

”Yes, Ha-ri was like that but I always tried to change that part of her but she never ever smiled, but I loved her despite her dark character and the fact she didn want kids, ”

” You were Miss. Kos driver before she promoted you to be her secretary…are you sure you didn want to get married to her because of her money or - ”

” Detective,I think youve crossed your boundary, Ive loved Ha-ri like my life depended on it because it did,I never even cared about her money ,I –

”Based on reports,apart from your salary the money youve extorted from Miss. Ko is a whopping sum of two billion dollars, aside the car and the exquisite house at the Tijan estate and the car she changes every month, if you loved her genuinely, why take so much? ”

Hyun-mi paused for a second, this detective was almost outsmarting him with his numerous questions but he needed to stay on track.

”Ive never asked her to give me any of those, she did that out of her own free will, ”

” Okay, if you say so..I think thats enough questions, see you at the funeral tomorrow, ” Mr Ma said, standing up after packing up the pictures and placing the tape in his briefcase.

”Thank you for coming, detective, ” Hyun-mi said, smiling.

” Thank you for having me, ”

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