”Mum!!, Dad!! ” Hye-mi yelled , running down the large staircase.

The guests who were patiently waiting for Ha-ri alongside her relatives were eager to listen to the lady who looked tensed, Hye-mi tried to speak but got choked up by her tears.

”Hye-mi speak, wheres Ha-ri?! ” Hyun-mi asked with fear in his voice and with worry scribbled on his face.

Meanwhile, the crowd outside were thrown into confusion, someone had called the police the second they heard the horrifying sound, a lady ran into the wedding hall, whilst screaming and announcing that Ha-ri had killed herself, Hyun-mi pushed the ladies in front of him and hurriedly went outside to see the heartbreaking scene, every news broadcasting station reported Ha-ris case live from the wedding venue.

The sight of her corpse was too painful to behold, her beautiful nose was bleeding and her gorgeous face was covered in blood which was gotten from the glass that tore her smooth soft snowy skin, even in death her beauty didn depreciate, Ara almost took off her hanbok the second she saw the medics taking her corpse from the car and wheeling it into the ambulance.

Hyun-mi was dazed ,from the way Ha-ri behaved he had never thought that killing her would be so easy, his gaze landed on her right hand and slowly to her ring finger, surprisingly,the sight of that finger made him uncomfortable.

That was the 20 million worth diamond ring she had given him money to buy which was stained in blood and the residue dropped on the pavement, he closed his eyes and luckily, when he opened them, the medics had covered up her body. He remembered clearly that quiet evening when he visited her, he didn ask her anything he simply took her hand and slipped the ring into her finger and spilled out three words:

”Lets get married. ”

She nodded and he hugged her tightly in excitement.

He wasn given access to see her as the press quickly surrounded him and fired their bullets in form of questions at him, he was taken to a car with the help of Dae-jun and Hye-mi drove them to their estate.

Everything seemed to be happening so fast and was extremely shocking, people were successfully dispatched by the officers and they went home with racing heartbeats, it was really unfortunate that a girl as young and beautiful as that was dead and of all days to say goodbye to breathing it had to be on her wedding day!.

Many people suspected that she probably had a mental health issue which was definitely why she was cold-hearted, devilish, wicked and always gloomy, her expression was the definition of suicide it self since she was a total sadist, others felt she was a child sent from hell, her parents died on her birthday and she was destined to die on her wedding day,the family was just unfortunate and it was because of her. A few people were sure that she wouldn have killed herself and someone out there brutally murdered her.


”Did you leave any trace? Like a hint the police could use or something? ” Hyun-mi asked, taking off his suit.

” Do you think Im that stupid?,of course not, ” Hye-mi clarified, sitting on the couch with a proud look on her face.

Dae-jun went to the hospital to pay the morgue fees and Ara was in a bedroom, trying to contact Ha-ris lawyer. So it was just both of them in the room,they switched off their phones to avoid calls from the police and left the job for Hye-mis parents, the crime scene at the hotel was still filled and loaded with police officers and detectives and the family of the deceased were represented by just her uncle and aunt.

Hye-mis joy knew no bounds as she excitedly and happily twirled round the room, finally the only probelm in her life has been erased for good and she single handedly did it herself, she thought of the life she was going to have with Hyun-mi after all her days of watching him embrace and kiss Ha-ri in her presence was over, she finally had him, the company, the exquisite mansion, all branches situated in fourty-six countries, the hotel,the villa and luxurious estate was finally hers, in the end she was the winner just like she was destined to be.

Hyun-mi sat on the couch, unlike Hye-mi who was at ease, his mind wasn the same, the image of Ha-ris bloody hand stuck to his brain and he felt guilty for everything, even if she was heartless he had feigned love to that woman which she returned back genuinely, whenever he asked her for money, she gave him willingly without asking questions, that was the same money he took to Hye-mi. He spent a huge deal of his time with Hye-mi when Ha-ri was busy with work and she successfully seduced him, he felt like the worse creature ever born and wished he had died in place of her.

”Babe, you look stressed, ” Hye-mi said, walking to him. She sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

”No.. Im fine, ”

”Are you thinking about her?, don worry everything will be fine, once we get the money..chill we won didn we? ”

” Then why can feel that happiness associated with winning?, Ha-ri was just a poor orphan who did nothing to any of us and we stupidly eliminated her! ” He said, almost yelling.

Hye-mi blinked twice, was he really yelling at her or someone else?, this wasn the hanks babe, we
e rich! she was expecting him to say ,she thought he could atleast appreciate her for helping both of them but there he was, making her feel like a goddamned bloody murderer!

She furiously took her hands off him and unzipped her dress, while she sat on his lap, he thought she was trying to calm him down with s_x but was shocked when she raised his hand and placed it on her left cleavage.

”This is what your innocent fiancee did to me, Hyun-mi, ” she stated and he looked closer to see the scar of a knife stab on her chest.

”When I was eight, she tried to kill me with a knife… Hyun-mi, and she was just about four, that action she took made my parents reconsider taking her in but we didn send her off, did we?,we took good care of her and raised her to point of her success, but instead of paying back,she bit the fingers that delightfully fed her, ”

” I –

”I actually don know what to say, ” she added, standing up and shedding pathetic tears. ” Weve been planning on this for months and finally we have you
e feeling guilty…no.. you
e looking at me,like a criminal..huh? ”

” Im –

”Maybe you aren safe for us Hyun-mi,I guess Ill have to turn myself in, ”, she suddenly announced and attempted to leave but Hyun-mi held her back.

” What do you mean by us? ”

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