Her hazel eyes were deeply focused on her reflection from the dressing mirror in front of her , she slowly scanned her angelic look , her long silky black hair was packed in a bun and adorned with several hairpins with her veil gracefully placed on the bun ,her cupid bow lips were painted with a dark shade of red which blended with her black rose bouquet and black wedding dress. Looking at the dress made her consider the gravity of her actions. She created a hype and a huge number of people were outside, many tuned into several stations to watch the marriage of the black bride – Ko Ha-ri

Her family strongly opposed to her choice ever since she ordered the dress ,but she didn care , she went ahead with her childhood dreams,weird – people dreamt of wearing white dresses but she nursed her exquisite black dreams.

She chased all the ladies who were employed to help her with her wedding preparations simply because they were chattering and complementing things that didn even matter,she angrily kicked them out in disgust.

The door slowly opened and a few of her aunts friends walked in alongside her aunt.

”Oh my, shes beautiful even with black, ” a woman whispered.

”I wish her parents were here to witness this, ” another replied.

”Rumours has it that they died on the day she was born ” a lady said.

”What do you want? ” Her cold voice echoed in the room , the women froze in fear. Her voice was as cold as ice combined with the expressionless, deadly look on her face.

”Ha-ri , we came to congratulate you on—

”Get out, ” she said, cutting her aunt off.

”Huh? ”

”Do you I need to repeat myself?, get out. ” She said , calmly.

The women reluctantly left ,fuming about her actions, it disgusted them that they were being ordered about by a twenty-one year old. But there was nothing her aunt could do , Ha-ri was the financial backbone of the family.

At the age of nineteen she graduated from college and in a space of one year, she became the wealthiest living being in Korea, her aunt and uncle – Ko Dae-jung and Ko Ara raised her after the tragic death of her parents which occurred on the day she was born , shocked and terrified by this development the world especially her family despised her with every single drop of their blood but she didn care,she buried herself in what was more important to her-work.

Her cousins were the total definition of useless, she worked day and night and just like sewers they keep trying to drain out her finances.

Her uncle lost his job when she graduated and decided to exploit her ,based on the file her aunt made they spent over 10 million won to take care of her education ,even after she paid them ,her uncle returned stating that he wanted to work to make more money,she handed him the position of the general manager at her company ,he requested that the same would be done for his children so they resided in the cheapest estate ,when he tried to bring up his housing issue ,she simply smirked and kicked him out of her office.

Her success stirred up anger and hatred in each and every single member of her family.

Finally she was getting married ,at the age of twenty-one to a twenty-nine year old groom whilst her cousin – Ko Hye-mi was still single at the age of twenty-eight.

Although her soon to be husband- Lee Hyun-mi wasn very wealthy and was also her secretary,she accepted his proposal because she felt he was the only one that understood her in this goddamned world.

She stood up and walked up to the huge glass window and stared outside looking through the window with her usual facial expression ,she let out a sigh and thought about what one of the women said,what if her parents were alive?,then her aunt and uncle wouldn have tortured and maltreated her throughout the number of years she stayed with them. But thanks to their wickedness she had achieved a lot due to the determination to leave their miserable lives.


In a large white themed bedroom,a group of people – two males and two females sat round a table. It was obvious that they were in a heated discussion, probably drafting a masterpiece or doing something else. The younger female, held the hand of the male seated close to her and the older couple stared at them with a smile.

”Mom,she actually chased you out of her room? ” She said to the woman sitting opposite to her.

”Did I talk with water in my mouth? ” The woman snapped.

”Shes really disgusting, seeing her pisses me off! ”

”Honey….calm down todays the day ” Lee Hyun-mi, Ha-ris fiancé assured her in a calm voice.

”I guess I should, seeing you with her disgusts me enough but I don think we should wait until after the wedding, if we have to do this we
e going to do this now, ” Hye-mi said with a mischievous smile on her face.

”Hye-mi, are you sure? ” Dae-jung asked and she replied with a smile. Dae-jung wasn shocked , not even a little bit instead he was proud of what his daughter had become, the way she acted now proved that she was indeed born of his own flesh and blood. His wife felt the same way, she was so excited that she kept fantasizing about what would happen if they achieved their plans.

”I guess,I have to go now the wedding will begin in thirty minutes, Mr Ko —

”No , I think you should refer to us as mother and father since youll be slipping that ring in her finger very soon ” Dae-jung said , laughing and Hye-mi blushed.

”Father , mother you should go now to attend to the guests, Hye-mi its up to you now, when you
e done Baek-hyun will be right at the entrance to help with whatever, ”

After he concluded his speech the others left to do what he said , he kissed Hye-mi goodbye and left to attend his wedding.


The door slowly opened and Hye-mi walked in with a smile on her face.

”Ha-ri , congrats —

”You should quit pretending,I know you aren happy, ” Ha-ri stated without looking back.

”Tsk.tsk ,mom said I should come get you, its almost time, ”

”I can handle it myself, goodbye, ” She said, still looking outside. Hye-mi bet he lower lip in disgust,she was tired of being ordered about by this lunatic, she wished she had never met her and prayed with all her heart that Ha-ri was gone for good. First, Ha-ri was alot more prettier and more beautiful than her , second,she was wealthy and she was working under her. Ever since Ha-ri was younger she despised this heartless creature and today like Hyun-mi said, was the day. The day to wipe her worries away in one go.

”Ha-ri, ” she said, walking closer. ”I think Ive had enough of you, enough of your orders, enough of being under the control of a riffraff, Im done Ha-ri, done, ”

”Hey, are you crazy? didn —

Ha-ri turned around to see Hye-mi staring at her with a mischievous smile on her face. Before Ha-ri could utter a word ,she stabbed her with a fruit knife she picked up from the table earlier and placed Ha-ris hand on it , still smiling .

Hari stared at her with bloodshot eyes ,they were still close and Hye-mis heart was beating faster ,she never expected that doing this would be easy and Ha-ri never dreamt that Hye-mi could actually think of killing her, the pain of the stab was intense and, she couldn scream because the room was sound proof ,blood slowly dripped from the cut and Hye-mi used Ha-ris hand to deepen the stab. She was becoming weak but she was determined to stay alive for Hyun-mi , she couldn just die and let him live in grief for the rest of his life, after all their plans and promises she needed to survive no matter what.

”L-listen to me carefully, for every single second, minute and hour every single season , month , week and year youll regret this Ko Hye-mi ,mark my word! ”

Hye-mi wasn affected by her last words instead she was excited that this demon was finally going back to hell.

”Well, I guess Ill see you in hell ” she said and pushed her out through the glass window, within a few seconds the bride landed on a black car parked outside.

”Oh my!, somebody help! ” Hye-mi yelled, running out of the room and screaming at the top of her voice after she cleaned up her hands.

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