Charlottes POV

I enter the Ronalds building and its obviously not like every day. Today I am deeply scared to enter this building. He can see me. No matter what! I am going to get fired by him no matter what. And I am in that phase of my life where I need money that this company offers me. Hope has been called in the morning early today as Mr. Ryan has some important discussion to have with her.

I told her many times in the morning to not at all react anything at all in front of him. Because she is always working with him and also because she is more defensive about me than her. She promised me that she will not react anything at all and we will handle this matter very cautiously.

The most important problem is how to avoid him. He has never seen me in the office but I have seen him sometimes. As I enter the building I start to walk directly towards elevator. They have 4 elevators in line. Did I tell you that this building is immensely big and perfectly architecture. I look at all those elevators. The first one is for Mr. Ryan and his important delegates only. While the other three are for employers.

Right now, Mr. Ryan must be in the meeting and I can take any risk. I go near the 4th elevator which is totally far away from the first one. By any chance he comes out of that first elevator he should not see me nearest vision.

I come towards the fourth elevator and then too my heart is beating too fast!

I have seen in the movies that when you hide something from particular person and he will caught you no matter what! I know I am more into movies but really, I am scared right now. I look at elevator as it come downstairs and ding! It opens and no one is inside. Charlie! Hope is right. I am bringing over dramatic. I look at watch. Hopes meeting must be done by now and I need to meet her urgently.

I stop the elevator on 5th floor and it opened. The door opens and to my shock Hope is talking with Mr. Ryan in front of me. OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Not Mr. Ryan nor Hope as seen me as they were discussing something from the papers in their hand. I just can breathe and I turn my back to the door and look at cold wall of elevator. I hid my face in the wall and try to go near the buttons. My heart is beating so loud that I can hear my heart beat as loud as DJ music.

I could not hear any word they are discussing with each other at all. I am praying to God, that they should not enter the elevator. Somehow, I manage to push the start button and elevator door closes again. I finally starts to breathe again which I was holding for I don know what time.

My knees are so weak due to all these tension that I collapsed on the elevator floor. Its right that people say one lie is a way to another 100 lies. Elevator opens and Daphne see me sitting there. She is new intern recently join our team. She is 22 and really nice girl. She is trying to adjust here and most importantly with Ms. Jane who is our team lead.

Not that Ms. Jane is not good person. But its just in her nature to give hard times to new people who join the team. She doesn accept the person very easily but when she does, she is the nicest creature here. Even when I came here for first 6 months, she was very much mean to me. But then eventually her heart melts for me. And now we are good. I told Daphne on her first day to just not mind her for some moths and then eventually she will come around.

”Are you okay, Mam? ” she is really concern for me. Not only her voice but her entire face is pouring concerns for me.

”Yes. I am okay Daphne. Can you give me your hand? ” though I told her I am fine, in reality I am far from fine. I still cannot feel any strength in my legs. She gives me her hand and take me to our department and make me sit in front of my desk.

”Should I bring you something mam? ”

”Oh! Daphne how many times I told you don call me mam, just call me Charlie. Please, I insist. ”

”Ok Charlie it is. But what happened in the elevator. ”

”That was cramp. I had sudden cramps in my legs and I just cannot stand. But thank you so much for giving me your help. ”

”Please Charlie don embarrass me by saying thank you. You always tell me to look you as my friend and not senior. So, I offered you my help as a friend. ”

”Oh god! Charlie! Are you okay? ” Here comes Ms. Jane.

”Yes Ms. Jane. It was small cramp but I am perfectly fine right now. ”

”Ok. But if you want you can take a day of. Rest at home. ”

”No. I am fine. I will stay. ” In reality I am too much scared to go anywhere right now. If they allow, I will stay here in my department for lifetime.

”Okay. If that you want. Hopefully all our employees think like you about work and be little more obedient about it. ” She murmured while looking at Daphne. Daphnes face fall on that instant. As soon as Ms. Jane left, I turn towards Daphne.

”Daphne, I know what are you thinking but I have also gone with same thing 1 year back. She will just give you hard time till you become resistant to it but then you will also become friend to her. Okay. ”

”Thank you, Charlie, ” She hug me and left for work.

As soon as she left, I take out my phone from the bag and dialed Hope, ”Hello Hope. ”

”Hey, are you here in office? ”

”Yes, girl I am. I even come to your floor 5 minutes back. ”

”Really, then why you did not meet me? ”

”Because as soon as elevator door open you were there in front of me talking with Mr. Ryan. ”

”What? Right. I was talking with him 5 minutes back. I am seriously telling you Charlie I hate that man most in the world. And I am very sure about that. He gets on my nerves. But thank god he didn see you. ”

”Yes, you don know how much scared I was. Somehow, I managed to escape from there. ”

”This lie will get worse day by day. ”

”I know. But did you manage to talk to Josh? ”

”About that are you sure it was that person only? I tried to talk to him today. But he has so nervous personality, he doesn even look into anyones eyes. ”

”Yes, hope they are friends. I have seen them together. Its their act. ”

I was so engrossed in our conversation that I didn notice someone is near my desk. The person tap my desk and I look upwards. Holy Cow!

”Hope I am hanging up. He is here! ”

”One minute! Who he?

”Josh! ”

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