Charlottes POV

”Oh my god Charlie! Where were you? Do you have any idea how worried I was? I called you like thousand times. I even called your mother twice but she was so drunk to utter a sentence. ”

As soon as I enter my apartment Hope asked me all these questions. I already knows that she must be in panic as I never stayed night like this somewhere and surely not without informing her. But after my unconscious state last night it was impossible for me to contact her. Though I could contact her this morning but I was busy in another drama of hiding from my boss.

And thanks to god he didn get that he is my boss. I don want him to know that he is my boss at all. Because after I embarrassed myself so much in front of him I don want another embarrassments. I am definitely need to hide myself from him in office from now on. Although its quite impossible for him to see me in the office as I am invisible to him and Josh for 2 whole years.

Speaking of Josh, I need to say thanks to him personally for how he save me from Mr. Ryan. I was so afraid when Mr. Ryan asked me how I knows his name. I was almost going to blurt it out. But josh saved me like a hero. While returning also I asked him to keep this from Mr. Ryan.

”Are you done Charlie? ”

”Hmm what? ” I can clearly see the irritated expressions on Hopes face.

”I am telling you how worried I was since last night. I called all our common friends. I was going to filed the missing complaint now. And you are just smiling on all of that in your own dream land. ”

She is really angry. She let me come inside and sit on the couch. I know I am at fault but I also know she cant stay mad at me for wrong time.

”I know Hope I am really… really sorry okay. I know that you are worried. but trust me this is not my fault also. After I went my home last night and finding my mom again in drunken state I was so hurt I just left the house in hurry. I was so exhausted from all that I just don know how I got hit by a car. ”

”WHAT??? ” She shouts loudly and start to check my hands and face for any bruises.

”No there are no bruises sweetheart. ”

”No don you dare sweetheart me. We are going to the police right now and filing a complaint against those bastards right now. ”

”No Hope please. First of all it was completely my fault. I was going into wrong directions. And secondly those people were so nice. I was complete unconscious at that time but those people took me to their home with them. ”

”Really. It means that there are still some nice people out there right? ”

”Yes. But the main part is still not covered. You will be very excited to hear that persons name. ”

This is what I am excited about. Hope being the part of PR team in Ronalds Empire she meets Mr. Ryan many times. Also she is very anxious about him all day. And I wants to see her reaction when I will tell her his name.

”The person who saved me last right was Mr. Ryan. ” I complete my reaction with a nice pause and wait for her reaction. She smiles.

”Who Mr. Ryan? ”

”Hope, Mr. Ryan Ronald. ”

”Who Mr. Ryan Ronald? ”

”Are you always this dumb or today is something special? ” she is seriously getting on my nerves now!

”Why are you angry girl? How can I know Mr. Ryan Ronald? ”

”HOPE! Mr. Ryan Ronald. Our Boss. The person whom you hate the most. ”

I know that she will be shock after this. But she is not even blinking right now. She is like a cold dead body. I come towards her and put my both hands towards her and shake her. Finally she come out of her trance.

”Are you saying truth? You were at Mr. Ryans home last night. You spent your night with him? ”

”Look girl, I didn spent my night with him. I was not even conscious till morning. When I woke up I was looking for person because I wanted to thank him in person and there he was! I literally ran from there. That is when I met Josh. ”

”Wait wait now who is Josh? ”

”Josh… his personal secretary and his driver who is always with him. ”

”ohh right. ”

And then I explained her everything including my embarrassing incident of closet which happened with Mr. Ryan. Her expression was on point as I wanted it. I also tell her how Josh saved me.

”That Josh seems really nice person. I have actually seen him many times with Mr. Ryan. He is scared of him always. He always talks in obedient tone with him. ”

”Yes. I know. He will not tell him obviously that I am employer in our company…. ” That is when I realizes something.

”shit shit shit…. Hope. He is not his employee. I saw how they converse with each other. They are like us. He is his friend.

”that means … ”

”We need to talk to him. ”

”Yes because if they are friends like us he will surely tell Mr. Ryan. We will talk with him tomorrow. ”

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