Ryans Pov

”How do you know my name? ”

I ask this girl standing in front of me. I still don know her name or anything exactly. Maybe she is the girl whom we found yesterday in the middle of road. I don know why but that girl is running my mind throughout the night.

In the middle of night, I came by the room she was sleeping in. I open the door and she was sleeping peacefully on one side. I couldn look at her face but I could say that she was in deep sleep. I know that I never means never allowed anyone in my house before no matter what! I have one house keeper who is close to me in the last 10 years and other than that only Josh is allowed.

Never I offered anyone other than these two in my home. But yesterday night when I said about taking her home, I don know what I was thinking. But surely now Josh has many questions and I am going to avoid any topic related this girl with him. He will surely start to tease me about soft corner and all for this girl.

In the morning also I had urge to check on her. And to stop these absolute thoughts I just hit the gym. Thats when I heard Josh was talking with someone laughing. Her voice was surely soft and different. I just couldn hear what they were saying and I just come into her voices direction. Maybe you can say I just want to see who was the girl that stayed in my house.

But when I came towards Josh, he was alone at that time. That girl was gone. Maybe she left but right now when I opened the closet and she directly fell on me. And woah! She is beautiful! Her slin tone compliments her beauty. Her eyes are closed an eyelash long with perfect upward curling. Her soft pink lips were trembling due to anticipation of attack. Her hands were clenching my bare chest. They are so small but too much soft.

The only thing which was stopping her complete look was her eyes. I want to look those. I want to see her with open eyes and fully taken in her beauty. I started to find words to open it but nothing comes out of my mouth. I decided to be angry on her as that is the only emotion, I can show it to people but to my surprise on my angry voice she closed her eyes more. No one has done anything like that ever.

I again ask her and this time she opened her eyes. They are mesmerizing. It has color of hazel and honey. Her eyes first fell on my chest and slowly started coming upwards.

It has some rhythm into it. Between us nothing was going too fast or too slow. Her eyes finally travel towards my face and wave of panic appears into it and she just jump out of my hold. I don know why but I lost the warmth in my hold.

She started explaining something to me but I just couldn concentrate on a single thing she was saying. Her lips were saying something which is in exact synchrony with her eyes and with those small movements of her hands. She was scratching her thumb on the palm of her hand. With each sentence her eyes wants to look upwards toward me but she was controlling them from looking at me.

I look at her hands and she is going to bleed her hands from so much scratching and I said just stop to her. She said thank you and was about to leave. If you ask me, I don want her to leave at all. I want to tell her to stop at least for breakfast. Yeah, that would be really nice. But maybe that would make me nice person and I don like anyone thinking of me anything but nice.

Thats when I realized that she called me Mr. Ryan twice. But I didn tell her my name since we met nor yesterday in that encounter. Then how does she know my name?

”How do you know my name? ” I ask her and she stop. She is thinking about something but nothing comes out of her mouth.

”I asked you something…. You called me by my name twice but how did you know it? ” I ask her again and she look at me to only realize I am still shirtless. Maybe it is making her awkward. I just open my closet and pull out the first shirt I can see. I wear it and again turn towards her.

”Now you can see me. ” She looks upwards and wave of relief crosses her eyes. Really, she has the beautiful eyes.

”I…. I know it from… ”

”I told her. ” Josh come into room and stand beside her.

”I told her Ryan. She was talking with me earlier and I told her about you and me. She was thankful and told me to say thank you to you also. ”

”Yes. Yes. He is right. ” She smiles at him widely. She met him just few minutes ago and they are already friends. She is about to leave and I surely wants her to stop but I know that I can never ask her that.

”Once again really thank you Mr. Ryan. And thank you Josh. ” She never looks at me but smile at Josh again.

”Ok. You two go downstairs I will come later. ”

They both leave while talking with each other. I don know what the hell I am exactly feeling. I had this sudden urge of stopping her. Its better that girl is gone.

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