Ryans POV

”Why is this sudden meeting now??? ”

”I heard that he is again involved in some kind of scandal. ”

”Yes, yes I know he is everywhere on news channel. Some of my friends send me the article involving his news. ”

”Yeah. I heard that too. ”

”He can keep it to himself and then he appeared on every news channel. And then as always he will shout at us. ”

”Yes . I know. ”

”But apart from that did you look how handsome he is even in those sudden scandalous photos. Its very obvious that he will get any model he want, and from what I heard That model must fall for him hard. ”

”But he will just use her like every time. He does this kind of things all time. After all he is player. ”

I can hear everyone murmuring this in meeting room. Enough is enough. How dare they talk about all these when I am literally here. In front of them. I bang my hand loudly on the table.

”Shut up everyone. ”

”Shit sorry sir we didn mean to offend you. ”

”I know that each one of you has seen the news and articles but I don want anyone discussing about this at all. I want that news down within 2 hours. Ms. Hope my company pays you for keeping things like these within us only. ”

Ms Hope just startled due to my loud voice. I know this is her not fault at all but If I don raise my voice, they just don take things seriously. She is head of PR management in our company since last 2 years and if I say it correctly, she handled all these things perfectly. Maybe she thinks I am all that type of person which is shown on all these sites but seriously I don give any importance to it at all

”Yes sir. ”

”Okay then the meeting is done. ”

”But I have one problem Mr. Ryan. ”

This time Mr. LEE start to talk. He is the old member of holding group. He always wanted higher position in company but he never got that.

Everyone knows that he always makes people angry about me. He hates me and that is why I keep many decisions secret from him.

”What it is Mr. Lee. You must have something nice to say about it now? ”

”Yes, actually this paparazzi condition is not new to face by PR team. And every time this happens because of your fault. So why don you keep your affairs up to you only. ”

I can see smirk on his face. Everyone looks at me for answer. I keep all anger inside me and just smile

”Look Mr Lee this company pays you every month some amount. And your amount is absolutely double than you do work here. The payment is just to do your job which I said and not to keep your nose in between my job. Got it? ”

I just left the room in anger. They must be talking about my anger issues and all but I have to keep them in line like this only.

I come into my room and Josh followed me in hurry.

”Look Ryan. ”

”Seriously Josh don you have any other work??? Just do your job and leave now. I don want to talk with you right now. ”

I put all my anger in scolding him. But he knows me. He knows my every move my every step. He just makes me sit on my chair and pour water in my glass.

”I will go but just have this water once. ”

I take that glass and drink entire glass.

”Look this won heal your wounds. Crazily arguing with everyone won do it. Just go and meet your parents once. ”

”Don Josh. Just get out. ”

He just left after that. Maybe he is hurt or maybe he knows that I just want to be alone right now. I don want to mess with anyone. He tried to start my parents conversation every now and then but I don want it at all.

I tried to avoid that topic since many years. And I have no plans to start any topic soon.

”Sir you have meeting in 10 minutes. ” Ms. Sue knock on my door.

”I will be there in a minute. ”

The meeting is done in time and if you ask me, it has gone as smoothly as it should be.

It is already 9o clock. I come into my room and sit. Where is Josh?? I check my phone and there is no sign of him at all. Where he is? I call him but he doesn answer. So, he is showing me attitude now.

Uhh!! I will be here all night. I have spent many nights here alone. When people made articles abouts me drinking in pubs and bars I was here alone working. I never gave any importance to all these articles.

No, I can just sit here I have to go home and take some sleep. I come into lift and stand in corner. As lift open, I start to walk towards main door when someone bumped into me hard.

”What the hell?? ” I look at the running person. Is that woman serious?? I look at the running persons back. It is like that woman is running towards someone or running back from someone.

But doesn she have something to say to me like Sorry

I look at her but she just run so fast and vanish by taking turn.

Uhhh!! I just open the door and comes outside. This feels so nice. I look at sky its like it will rain anytime soon. I need to go towards parking area where my car is parked.

Suddenly my car park in front of me and as always Josh come out and open the back door for me.

”Josh. ”

”Sir please have a seat. ”

I can easily see how angry he is!! I decide to not just create scene here and sit in the back door.

As soon as we left the premises of building, I decide to stop the car.

”Josh stop the car. ”

But he is not listening to me.

”Josh stop it. ”

I don know how but he decides to listen to me this time. Thank God. I come in front.

”I am sorry. ”

”Okay. ”

”Josh you just know how that Lee eat up my head. Because of him I yelled at you otherwise…. ”

”No Ryan please. You always do this. You always make mistakes and then try to blame it on someone. You yelled at me because I started your parents topic. And now don make any excuse because you always do this. ”

”Yes, because I don want that topic at all. I don want their name in my life at all. Please. ”

”Right and it will be as always your opinion and no one can argue in between. ”

He looks at me angrily. Suddenly my eyes see someone running in between the car.

”OH my God Josh look front…. ”

But within seconds that someone just crash in front of the car.

”Ryan, you wait let me see it. ”

Josh opens the car door. Rain is heavily pouring and I can see anything but blur images. Josh is completely drenched and come to my side of window.

”That girl is fainted. I think she is okay but we need to take her somewhere. ”

”Ok bring her into backseat. ”

What a problem?? I had irritated expression all over my face. Why does new problem always happen in my life.

Josh opens the back door and make the girl lie down. I look at her from mirror and her face is completely cover with her hair.

”Such a heavy girl she is!!! She looks so slim but then too heavy. But dude she is beautiful you know. ”

”Shut up and where should we drop her? ”

”I don know man. ”

”What do you mean by I don know? ”

”What do you expect me to say man?? How can I know where this girl is from? ”

”Then where should we keep her now? ”

On serious note I am getting more and more irritated by now.

”I don know. If you want, we can keep her in any of our hotel and ask someone to look after her. ”

I again look at the back mirror. Although I can see her properly, I still can see hoe peacefully she is sleeping right now.

”Ok. Then in which hotel we will drop her? ”

”No. Not in the hotel ”

”Then? ”

”Lets go home. ”

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