Ryan POV

”Ryan we are here. Ryan…Ryan? ”

”Hmm… Yes. Yes, we reached right? ”

”Yes, we reached and it happened like 5 minutes ago. I am calling you out since ages. ”

I look out of window. We reach at The Ronalds empire building. The 5-storey building which is one of the biggest empires in Los Angeles.

”Don overreact. I heard that you were calling me out but just …. just wait for 5 minutes. ” I told Josh and close my eyes.

I am Ryan Ronald. The president of this empire. Each and every person here is afraid of me and if you ask me, I know it very well and maybe thats why I take advantage of this in every situation.

But there is one exception Josh. He is the son of my fathers driver. We both played with each other since we were little. We have practically seen each and every moment in each others life. He is my person. My best friend and also the gold medallist in business and economist.

If you ask me, he doesn need to do this. To be my driver, but he never listens my any advice. He always says, ” Soon I will open my own company but till then I need to be with you at your every step.

Also no one know about this in our company as he always calls ne sir inside area. He always acts complete professional as he doesn want to show anyone that we know each other.

There is one more reason why he means so much to me because after my mom and dads separation he is the only one who tried to keep me sane to every extent. And I will be always thankful to him for that.

Now I don care about them at all. I hate both of them. What I care now is my company only. I made this entire empire with my blood and now I can think if anyone ever tried to give it a scratch at least. Because this is my everything.

I don care what everyone thinks of me. I don even know all the employees who work under me. But I am very strict about work and the time I have given to complete that work no matter what.

”Ryan are you serious?? What are you thinking man?? We are here since last 10 minutes. Just get up that ass and enter your building man!! ”

”What kind of person you are Josh?? If anyone sees you like this, they will surely have heart attack. You always talk so obedient once we enter that building and now look how you talk! Such a two-faced person you are!!! ”

Josh start to laugh after hearing this. He opened his side of doors and come behind and open my side.

”Lets go Mr. Ryan. ”

I couldn help but smile at him. Really a two-faced person!!

I enter the company and I can clearly hear everyone running here and there to be on their desk. I can hear everyone clearing their tables. I can also hear everyone murmuring about me. But as always, I choose to ignore these all things except when I notice something with my own eyes.

I enter my cabin and sit on chair. My secretary comes there running behind him.

”Good morning, Mr. Ryan. ”

”Morning. ”

”We have one problem …umm actually its not that big or anything but we have to do something about that… ”

”Can you handle anything on your own Ms. Sue?? Do you need to run towards me every morning with new problems on my head?? ”

I ask her angrily. This is literally everyday scene that she comes running towards me with her new problems.

Ms. Sue is 35 years old unmarried woman who is with me since last 5 years. She can be little confused person. Sometimes she completely forgets where she keeps things. I get angry in her but maybe she is too much used to it now. I could have just fire her but whoever enter my life for that much time they are irreplaceable for me.

”Sir please calm down. Lets see what Ms. Sue is telling first. ”

Josh looks at me and try to calm me down.

”Yes please. Ms Sue go ahead and tell me what is this new problem we are facing now?? ”

She tried to fix her Eyewear for 2 minutes. Is she serious??? She is going to do time pass like this now ??

I stand up from my seat

”Are you going to tell Ms Sue or not ??? ”

”Yes, yes we need to put on the TV first. ” Now is she really serious??

”Ok calm down everyone. I will start the TV. Sir please you sit down. ”

Josh calm me down while I continue my glaring towards Ms. Sue.

The famous Ryan Ronalds New scandal

This is headline on every news channel. They have seen me with some model and I am on every news channel.

”This is what is happening Mr. RYAN. ”

”Can you ever use your brain Ms. Sue. Call PR manager and take this news down as soon as possible. ”

”Yes, yes sir I will call them right now. ”

She left in the room in hurry.

”Ryan, I don get it. All the media thinks that you are anyone but playboy. You just go sleeping around with models. You never clear them out. Never give any statements. Don you have any worry about your image. ”

”I don care at all okay. I don care what everyone thinks about me at all. Lets go to the meeting room and handle this matter now. ”

I just left the room in hurry because I don want to give any explanation to Josh. He is the only person who knows I am not like that and thats why he gets angry when someone give this kind of news about me.

Last night also when I went to the bar that model was so drunk and I only tried to help her to get her in her car. But after that she pulled me inside and tried to kiss me. Thats when paparazzi came and tried every angle to make it look like we were in passionate make outs.

But I don care what they all think about me. I never gave any explanations to them and not planning to give them in future also.

I just need it down for saving my companys name and nothing else.

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