Ryans POV

”May I come in sir? ” Ms. Sue knock on the door. Here she is again! She never come normally.

”Yes, come inside and please be careful…. ” But before my sentence gets complete, she fall directly on her face.

”Oh my god Ms. Sue, are you okay? ”

I know I always act rude to my employees but I have special place towards all of them. Many people even thinks that I don care about them at all but Ms. Sue is not one of them. She had many chances to leave my company. She got many offers based on how she handles jerk like me but some offers are even giving her more payment than me but she denied it all.

”Yes, yes sir I am okay. ” She adjusts her specs with one hand when her other hands are trying to manage all those files.

”Keep those files on table. ”

She keeps those files on table.

”Sir we have meeting with Mr. Joseph in 15 minutes. He is here in the company. You come there till I will make sure to give him everything he wants. ”

”Okay. ”

I again start to look into my laptop and start to look at my presentation one final time. From corner of my eyes I can see she is still standing there playing with her fingers. Now this is irritating.

”What it is Ms. Sue? ”

”Sir I want to say thank you. ”

”For what? ”

”Sir I know you paid my brothers college fees this month. I called them yesterday to tell them I will pay the amount in month end when they said all pending fees were paid by Ronalds empire. Thank you really sir. ”

she looks at me with teary eyed. Yes, I paid that fee. I could easily see that she was in lot of tension since last month. So, I asked Josh to look into the matter. That is when I got to know that she is in some trouble of money. I asked Josh to investigate matter completely because I know that her salary given by me is perfectly okay for her. After lot of searches, I finally found that her brothers college fees are late and it is quite over than her budget. Though I might scold her for her clumsiness I cannot see my employees in trouble at all. I clear all the fees and told the authorities to not tell anyone about that. I don know how she knows it now.

”Ohh its okay. I did that just to make sure that you concentrate here properly and not cause any more problem in my company. ”

She smiles at me. Working for me for so many years she knows me by now. But I just don want to show it to her.

”Ms. Sue if you are done with this can you make sure the meeting room is ready. I will be there in 10 minutes as… ”

Before I can complete my sentence, someone open the door with large thud!!!

”What the hell Josh? ” Josh is standing there looking like I did something to him very badly. What the hell happened now?

”Ms. Sue. ” I can see Josh is trying to maintain his cool as Ms. Sue is here and he does not want to show her that he can be angry on his so-called boss.

He is gritting his teeth in anger. If you ask me, I can burst with laughter looking at hi state as he just cannot show his anger completely.

”Ms. Sue can you leave for some minutes. I need to talk with boss just for 5 minutes. ” He emphasizes on the word Boss more strongly.

I don know what exactly happened but looking at Josh I can clearly say that I did something wrong.

”No no Ms. Sue. Don leave. I need to talk with you some last-minute notes about meeting. ”

I can clearly see Josh is trying to control his outburst.

”But sir you only told me to make sure everything is ready in conference room. ” Oh! Ms. Sue why you have to be genius when you don need to be.

”OK. Go then. ” I just can avoid him forever.

As soon as Ms. Sue left Josh close the door.

”Okay now tell me what.. ” he didn even left me complete my sentence and punch me in the face.

”Owe. Are you out of your mind Josh??? I have meeting in 5 minutes. ” I look at the side mirror as I got red bruise on the face. I know how strong he is as we two almost live in gym.

”You bastard. ” he is again going to punch me but this time I stop him and we both start to fight like small children. Finally, I overpower him and stop him in chair.

”Instead of doing this and losing yours as well as my energy will you just tell me what the hell happened. ”

”You…..because of you I again just couldn say anything in front of her. ”

”Who her?? One minute! Ms. Hope! ” I just leave him and with smirk on my face I sit on my chair.

”You…..you know how much I like her. But because you always say so many things to her, I just cannot even talk to her. And today she talks with me for first time. I always dreamed about it but because of you that also got ruined. Only because of you man she misunderstood me today. I am going to kill you man!! ”

”Slow down your horses man! ” I just laugh looking at his face.

He had crush on Ms. Hope since the first day he saw her and that maybe since last 2 years but he never even said a word to her yet. I tried many times so that they can talk to each other. But I know that Ms. Hope hates me so much and that is why she ignored Josh also. Whenever I scold to Ms. Hope on anything that whole day Josh also ignores me. Though I don believe in this all one thing I surely know that whatever he is feeling is genuine.

”But what happened exactly? ”

This question makes him startle.

”Nothing. Lets go to your meeting. ”

I look at and I can be late for the meeting. I look at Josh. He is trying to avoid my eyes. Something is fishy. I will dig into this matter surely.

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