s, insects, and the clear flowing water of the lake, which had been chirping for a while, suddenly ceased to be heard.

She closed her eyes, drunken by the heat that surrounded her.
While their lips were pressed against each other, the crown prince wrapped his arms around Jiwoo’s waist.
As Jiwoo calmly hugged him back, their kiss deepened.

His tongue, which had been gently patting her lips, burrowed in.
The moist flesh ran through her mouth, becoming more and more rough.
The passion that ran through him spread throughout her body.
She obviously came out to the lakeside to cool off, but it felt like she had fallen into the hottest place in the world.

After a while, the crown prince parted his lips and put their foreheads together.
Hot, rough breathing passed through her face.
The crown prince said in a hoarse voice.

“…Do you feel the same way as me?”

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Jiwoo didn’t answer.
This time, she held his lips first.
Perhaps it was an excuse that she couldn’t speak eloquently because her vocabulary was still inadequate, but no neither of them complained.

She didn’t know much about politics.
However, she knew that the position of the Akarna wasn’t all that bad to be with the crown prince.
It was the union of the crown prince, the most precious blood line of the empire, and the Akarna, which God gave to look over the world.
It was a relationship that God made with no one to express any dissatisfaction with.

Everyone seemed eager to bless them.
Maybe even God.
Maybe even the royal family.
She was happy thinking that maybe she had fallen into this world to meet him.
Instead of taking on the sufferings of this world, as a reward, God allowed her this kind of love.

She had a dream-like love that was erased.

She did not miss the past when she said she wanted to return to her home world, faithfully loved the present, and painted a brilliant future.
Was it such an unrealistic wish? It was exactly five years that the future she envisioned was broken.

“…I heard you’re getting engaged to the Count’s daughter.
What does that mean?”

It was like thunder on a clear day.

Even Jiwoo didn’t hear the news directly from him, but came to know about it through rumors circulating in the temple.
As soon as Jiwoo knew about it, she immediately asked the crown prince.
She hoped it was a false rumor, but unexpectedly, the crown prince did not deny the rumor.

“Are you saying you were seeing other people while you were seeing me?”


He gently hugged Jiwoo’s shoulder whose lips were trembling.
It was to calm a sulking lover.

“Can’t you understand? It’s just… It’s just a political marriage.
But you must understand that I love only you.”

“Do you think I’m just whining now?”



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“Then isn’t it? I’m not in a position to go against private matters.
If you’re sensible, I wouldn’t know, but you are complaining like this.”

Private matters.

Jiwoo clenched his fists.
The Akarna was just the Akarna—not a noble.
She had no wealth, no good bloodline, no territory.
The empire was under the authority of the emperor.
As for the Akarna, she was just for the temple’s puppet to pursue their propaganda.
She had no power.

Then, there was one more problem.
After becoming Akarna, her period stopped.

During the five years of meeting with the crown prince, they had no children.
Jiwoo was obviously infertile.
To tell the crown prince not to meet anyone was the same as telling him to give up on having an heir.

It would have been better if he had been an ordinary nobleman.
The crown prince was seated in a position much too high for Jiwoo to love.
In the end, Jiwoo had only these words left.

“…That woman wouldn’t like it either.”

“I’ll try to convince her.”

The crown prince hugged Jiwoo, comforted her, and patted her back.
She was like being treated like a pet.
She felt dirty.
It was dirty, and she didn’t know how to solve this or how to make it understandable.

And not long after, Jiwoo was really able to meet the count’s daughter, at an event hosted by the crown prince.

“I have decided to acknowledge you.”

It was an absurd thing to say.
Who acknowledges whom? Was that how she’s supposed to say it in the first place? Wasn’t she woman the one who got involved in their normal relationship in the first place?

“We are lucky.”

“Excuse me?”

It was lame of her, but Jiwoo asked.
The beautiful count’s daughter covered her lips with a fan and smiled.

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