Chapter 6:



On the contrary, Liu Yue wasn’t too surprised by her sudden visit.


Just a moment ago, Liu Yue got a call from the old man, so she was aware of the current situation.
If Tang Ruoyu didn't show up, there would be a serious issue.


“Sorry Miss Tang, the young master is resting, you can't meet him.” Liu Yue spoke with a usual smile.


At this moment, Liu Yue wasn't sure if Ye Tian had given up on Tang Ruoyu or if he was trying to win her.
However, she remembered he didn't want to be disturbed by anyone.


Yes, anyone!


Including Tang Ruoyu, of course!


He must be upset because of what I said just now.
You tell him it's me, he will be happy to see me.”


Liu Yue didn't reply when she heard the words.
She just smiled and shook her head.


Tang Ruoyu's face became even more anxious when she saw this.
“Secretary Liu, I have an urgent matter to discuss.
I believe Ye Tian will let me in.
Have you forgotten my relationship with Yi Tian? I am his fiancee!”


At the end of the day, Tang Ruoyu admitted that she was Ye Tian's fiancée.


Of course, it wasn't that she had figured it out, but with the fate of her family and parents at stake, she couldn't help it.


“Sorry, Young Master ordered me not to let anyone disturb him.” Liu Yue was firm.


As Ye Tian's secret guard, his words were absolute.


Seeing that Liu Yue was determined, Tang Ruoyu looked around and confirmed that there were only her and Liu Yue.


And as a result, she planned to bypass Liu Yue and rush in.


In her opinion, this time she was indeed too reckless.
However, as long as she meets Ye Tian, everything will be solved!


Though Tang Ruoyu's idea was worthwhile, the result wasn't what she expected.


Liu Yue pulled Tang Ruoyu’s hand instantly and stopped her.


On normal days, Tang Ruyou could easily break free of Liu Yue.
But now, even though she used all her strength, she failed to move a bit.


“Miss Tang, unless the young master asks, you cannot enter.” Liu Yue calmly continued, “Did you think that the young master came here alone from Yan City without a bodyguard?”


Tang Ruoyu was stunned by her words, and only then did she react.




Whenever Ye Tian walked outside, he was accompanied by two bodyguards to ensure his safety.


But she had never thought that Ye Tian, whose status was much higher than her own, had come to his office without a bodyguard.


Because Liu Yue's face and figure were too gorgeous, Tang Ruoyu thought of her as his secretary from the first meeting.


Currently, Liu Yue's second identity was unknown, but she was most likely Ye Tian's bodyguard.


Thinking about it now, Tang Ruoyu realized that she could bypass Liu Yue every time and meet Ye Tian without interruption because he gave Liu Yue instructions.


Otherwise, a simple punch from Liu Yue would make Tang Ruoyu cry for a long time…


And this also made Tang Ruoyu more terrified.


Before coming here, she sent a message to Ye Tian and called him, but he didn’t reply.


In addition to Liu Yue blocking her, she was afraid that Ye Tian would get depressed this time.


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