{Inside the Room}

Likewise, Tang Ruoyu was surprised when Ye Tian asked her to leave.

She wasn't annoyed but instead showed an expression of relief.

“I don't know why you agreed so quickly but I appreciate it.
Unfortunately, we can never be friends, so I will leave now and hope never to see you again.” Tang Ruoyu said happily.

Initially, she came here today to try her luck, thinking that even if she couldn't get rid of the engagement, she could at least postpone the wedding date.
However, she didn't expect the process to be so smooth.

She was finally free!

It seemed that Ye Tian wasn't a bad guy.
He pursued her for a year, and his love for her wasn't fake.
He never threatened or forced her by relying on his family background.

In the first place, it was her family that took the initiative for the engagement.

But thinking about it, even if Ye Tian was a gentleman, she still chose freedom!

The only person who could decide her future was her!

Leaving the room, Tang Ruoyu was very satisfied.

Ye Tian also waved his hand, “You go out.
I'll rest for a while, don't let anyone disturb me.”

Hearing his words, Liu Yue didn't hesitate to politely step out of the room and gently close the door.

When only Ye Tian was left in the room, he closed his eyes to relax.

Now that he had successfully broken off the engagement with the heroine, the next thing he had to do was plunder all the protagonist's opportunities.

If it were just an ordinary urban novel, he could completely ignore the protagonist and enjoy a perfect life with the Ye family’s influence.

However, as with most urban novels, the urban content appeared only at the beginning and then cultivating or immortality would occur later, and the same applies here also.

Fortunately, the author added the plot related to immortal cultivation in later chapters.

So, Ye Tian has enough time to deal with the protagonist!

On the other hand, Tang Ruoyu felt she had regained her life after leaving Ye Tian's office.

One year ago, when Tang Ruoyu was travelling in Yan City, she accidentally met Ye Tian, and from then on, she has been pestered by him to this day.

Of course, she knew that a woman like herself couldn't avoid marriage's fate, but she didn’t want to be a sacrificial lamb.

At the engagement party a week ago, she had planned to flee abroad and die rather than be engaged to Ye Tian!

In the end, because her grandfather kneeled and requested her, she could only choose to agree temporarily.

But now, these were no longer important.
Ye Tian just now signed the agreement for the annulment of the engagement and took a video statement.

Though the Ye family was powerful, in this case, she didn't want to give a chance for Ye Tian to force her into marriage!

As today was the weekend, Tang Ruoyu took out her cell phone from her bag, ready to find her besties together to go shopping and throw a party to celebrate.

But, before she could dial the number, her phone suddenly rang.

[Mom invites you for a video call]

When Tang Ruoyu asked Ye Tian to inform her family, she had already thought that her parents would come to question her, but she didn't expect it to be so soon.

But the annulment of her engagement was a fact, and she wasn't worried about it.

If she got scolded, she could go to the school dormitory and hide for a few days.

Thinking so, she connected the video call.

“Mom, I…”

Tang Ruoyu just wanted to speak but found something wrong on the other side…

“Tang Ruoyu, you’re already a grown-up.
How can I have such a daughter like you?”

“How many times have I told you not to mess with Young Master Ye? Now the Tang family will be finished.
Are you satisfied now?”

“Your grandpa has passed out.
Are you happy now?”

“Stop your father-daughter drama now! Ask your daughter to beg Young Master Ye for forgiveness immediately, or I will kick you out of the Tang family now!”

“Brother, I have always respected you, and I know that Ruoyu does not like Young Master Ye, but as if breaking off from the engagement privately is not enough, she even asked Young Master Ye to take a video statement.
Your daughter has turned ignorant.
Don't you realize what she has done?”

“You misunderstood.
I do not know this matter!”


If it was just her father's scolding, Tang Ruoyu might have already hung up the video call.
In her opinion, it was her parents who initiated her engagement with Ye Tian.

She broke the engagement on her own accord and didn't apologize, but why did her uncle and aunt blame her parents for that?

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