Chapter 35:

(Inside the teacher’s dormitory at Yun University)



An upset Li Yan’er lay on her bed, depressed.

It was clear that her ability was enough, but she failed every time in the selection.

The reason was that she was still young and needed to hone her skills.

What a joke!

In her life, what she hated the most was the people dealing behind the scenes!

Then, what else?

Honing what?

To become more skilled than others?

She has that skill, yet how could she have failed so far?

Jingle bells!!

As Li Yan’er criticized others for taking bribes, the phone rang suddenly, startling her.

For instance, she thought that her insults were overheard by someone!

“Dad, aren’t you busy today? Why are you calling me so early?” Li Yan’er asked.

She intended to say that she had failed to make the selection again.

But she felt worried when she thought about how her family had sent favors and looked for connections for her selection.

As Li Yan’er had no idea what to say, she decided to discuss it later.

“Everything is fine now.
By the way, we have good news to share to surprise you so come back for dinner tonight.” Li Shan replied gently.

He knew the result of this selection before Li Yan’er did.
However, he did not say a word since he was afraid that Li Yan’er would be hurt.

Over the past few days, he even avoided calling Li Yan’er on his mobile phone out of fear that she would be overly concerned.

After Ye Tian’s promise, he could finally confidently call and announce the good news.

Didn’t those old guys mock him saying that his daughter wouldn’t be a professor for another five years?

This time, let’s hear what they had to say.

Li Yan’er looked hesitant at his words but finally replied, “Well… I also have something to tell you.”

It was after five in the afternoon, and Li Yan’er left early from work.

As she drove home, she thought she’d tell her mother that she had failed the selection first, and then ask her to inform father.

But what she never expected was that her father, who was rare to see before 8 o’clock on weekdays, was already there at half past five. 

At that moment, he was helping her mother wash vegetables.

Seeing this scene, she couldn’t help but be somewhat curious.

What had happened to her father for him to leave work so early and be so happy?

Could the good news she heard on the phone have something to do with it?

Did dad get promoted? Not a chance.

Then, am I going to have a younger sibling?

As compared to the earlier one, the latter seems more convincing.

Besides that, she could not think of anything else she could do to make her parents happy.

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