After leaving the director’s office, Ye Tian didn’t go to Mu Xiao.

Well, her parents were still here so he didn’t think it would be convenient to go over there.

Furthermore, they had only met twice, so if he showed too much enthusiasm, it would backfire.

There was plenty of time to get acquainted later anyway.

Ye Tian hadn’t forgotten about the contract either.

He specifically instructed Liu Yue to come and sign the contract with Mu Xiao personally to show his sincerity.

At the same time, he also slightly changed the contract’s content that he had just said.

For instance, he mentioned that as long as Mu Xiao cooked for him for a year, she would be paid 150,000 yuan for surgery and treatment.

And now, this change stated, “The Ye family would pay for all treatment and surgery expenses without a limit.”

Aside from that, Ye Tian intentionally added that during the contract period, Mu Xiao would receive a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan and a regular bonus.

He wanted to provide Mu Xiao with as many benefits as possible so she wouldn’t refuse.

That’s just how the human’s nature was.

If he had given this contract to Mu Xiao at the beginning, she wouldn’t have signed it.

When compared to the first contract, the new contract provided even greater benefits!

As long as Mu Xiao had the thought of accepting his deal, she would have convinced herself in her heart.

In fact, it shouldn’t be surprising that when Mu Xiao saw the contract, she would be moved rather than reject it!

After Ye Tian hung up the phone, he took a taxi to the Tang family.

On his call last night, he told the old man not to be upset and said he would personally handle the situation.

After hearing this, the old man said nothing but urged Ye Tian not to get downhearted.

He also said that as long as Ye Tian was willing to go on a blind date, there were plenty of pretty ladies in Yan City to marry him!

Upon hearing his words, warmth filled Ye Tian’s heart.

In reality, the old man was angry because he saw Ye Tian had been wronged, not because the Tang family had damaged their reputation.
Hence, he became furious.

When Ye Tina heard these words, he suddenly remembered someone from Yan City.

Su Nianxue, a direct heir of the Su Family in Yan City!

Although the Su family couldn’t be compared to the Ye family, it was significantly superior to the Bai and Tang families within Yun City.

But, the only difference with Tang Ruoyu was that Su Nianxue wasn’t the heroine in the novel and could only be considered a side character.

Of course, a villainous character at that!

It seemed that Su Nianxue became a villain because she loved Ye Tian since she was a child and was a die-hard fan of his.

As a result, she became a villainess.

Ye Tian believed that the existence of Su Nianxue wasn’t villainous; rather, just like Liu Yue, she was worthy of being treated with love!

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