[Ding… Congratulations to the host for changing the plot.
You obtained 10,000 luck points!]

Ye Tian heard a system prompt as he entered the director’s office.

10,000 luck points!

Ye Tian acquired more luck points from Mu Xiao in a single encounter than in Tang Ruoyu’s previous encounters combined.

In other words, his plan had succeeded.

Even though luck points were invisible and untouchable, they had the most mysterious purpose on earth.

If he managed to gain enough luck points, he could become the Son of Luck and be favored by heaven.

“Director Li, it’s been a long time.
How have you been?”

Ye Tian’s face was full of smiles as he opened his mouth and greeted Li Shan.

After all, this person had helped him this time, and his daughter was one of the heroines he was prepared to capture.

Therefore, having a friendly attitude would make his plans easier to implement. 

“Thanks for your concern, Young Master Ye.
I’ve been doing quite well recently!” Li Shan was stunned.

Ye Tian treating him in such a friendly manner was unexpected.

With Ye Tian’s status, Li Shan didn’t need to drive himself to pick up Mu Xiao.

Unless… Ye Tian’s relationship with Mu Xiao was far more intimate than he had imagined!

As Li Shan thought this to himself.
he continued, “You can rest assured, Young Master Ye, I’ve made arrangements for the classmate Xiao already.
They will always be treated as VIPs in my hospital, and everything will be done to ensure their satisfaction!”

“Thank you, director Li.
If there is anything you need in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
I will not put it off!” Ye Tian nodded his head.

As expected, director Li was truly extraordinary in dealing with people.

When Lin Shan heard Ye Tian’s words, he was immediately excited and almost jumped up on the spot.

In fact, he’d been waiting for these words for so long, and now he’s finally heard them!

He wouldn’t dare ask for anything else if he had this promise.

In the future, if he invited Ye Tian to come over and show his face, he might even be able to receive 50 million or even 100 million yuan!

Of course, the most important thing was that he would be considered one of Ye Tian’s men from now on.

Thus, it made it easier for him to get nearly all the favors he needed to do anything he wanted in Yun City.

Even if someone wanted to make things difficult on purpose, they would have to see if they could afford to offend Ye Tian first!

Before coming here, Ye Tian felt he had to chat with Li Shan a bit longer.

After three minutes of chatting, Ye Tian realized they had little in common.

“It may be because Li Shan  is too old.
If Li Yan’er is here, I should be able to chat with her more!”

When this thought crossed his mind, Ye Tian also changed the topic to Li Yan’er, “Brother Li, I heard that your daughter is in Yun City.
If you want me to help her become a professor or something, I can do that.”

Make Yan’er become a professor?

At first, Li Shan was stunned, but after he returned to his senses, he immediately said delightedly, “This… It’s not that I’m bragging, Yan’er has also been gifted and intelligent since she was young.
She even jumped three grades in junior high school, earning a doctorate at twenty-one! It’s fine for her to become a professor, but I’ll have to trouble Brother Ye!”

“What trouble? She’s my niece, isn’t she? You tell her to return and write a letter of application.
By noon tomorrow, she will become the youngest professor in Yun City!” Ye Tian made a promise on the spot.

Yun City had been funded by the Ye family, so he could naturally make the professor using his influence.

Also, Li Yan’er was outstanding.
As Li Shan said earlier, she had already completed her Ph.D.
at the age of 21.

She even started to participate in the selection of professors two years ago.
However, because of her young age and the deep background of several other participants, she has not been selected until now

If not, with her talent alone, she would have been successful in the first selection.

Anyhow, it’s just a matter of time!

Li Shan breathed heavily at his words and stopped himself from kowtow to Ye Tian.

Well, this was the power of a big shot!

In the past two years, Lin Shan had to go through all sorts of connections for this matter!

He had even bribed countless favors during that time, but ultimately, he was unsuccessful!

But he didn’t expect that now, with just one word from Ye Tian, he had confirmed even the time of her daughter’s appointment!

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