The Multi-Specialty Hospital



As Li Shan learned that Ye Tian was coming over in person, he became even more excited.

Moreover, he became more convinced that Ye Tian and Mu Xiao were in a relationship!

“Xiao Liu, order that Mu Xiao’s parents are the most VIP patients in the hospital from now on!”

Li Shan called out to the head nurse in charge of the VIP ward and sternly instructed her repeatedly before letting her go.

Well, the person in charge immediately took this to heart and didn’t dare to be sloppy.

Considering that she was in charge of the VIP ward, she may not have the best medical skills. 

Nevertheless, in terms of interpersonal skills, she excels beyond ordinary people!

Also, when she found out that the director personally picked up Mu Xiao and her parents, she had already listed Mu’s parents as a priority to ensure that they were satisfied with the hospital’s services.

“Student Xia, the director is calling you over.
It seems that the results of your parents’ tests have come out.” The person in charge told Mu Xiao politely.

“Thank you, Sister Liu.
I’ll be right there.” Mu Xiao got up and said.

After spending half a day here, she understood how rich people were treated.

Even though Ye Tian had merely said a word and hadn’t even shown up in person, the director personally picked her up from home.
Furthermore, the treatment she received after arriving at the hospital was impeccable.

Due to this, her parents repeatedly asked her if she was hiding anything.

Fortunately, she had never lied since she was a child.
Thus, after repeated explanations, she finally reassured them.

It was just that the old couple wanted her to make sure she had properly thanked Ye Tian.

Director, have the results of my parents’ tests come out?” Mu Xiao asked somewhat nervously as she entered the room.

Nodding, Li Shan walked over to Mu Xiao and explained the test results, “The test results didn’t turn out well.
It’s the same as Young Master Ye suspected.
However, they will recover sooner if timely medical treatment and surgery are done.”

“Here’s your parent’s check-up results, they…”


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