On the way back, Ye Tian and Liu Yue continually chatted while Tang Ruoyu enviously watched them.

Nevertheless, it was nothing more than envy.

As Ye Tian was on his way home, the phone rang suddenly, and the number was unfamiliar.

“Hello? Is this Young Master Ye? I’m Li Shan, the director of the Multi-Specialty Hospital.
Do you remember me?”

The call had just been connected, and the person on the other side had already introduced himself.

Although Ye Tian hadn’t given Li Shan his phone number, Li Shan was nevertheless a well-known figure in Yun City, so obtaining his contact information was easy.

Furthermore, having the phone number and daring to call was an entirely different matter.

“So it’s Director Li.
What can I do for you?” Ye Tian asked, pretending to be surprised.

Well, he already knew why Li Shan called him.

Mu Xiao’s parents’ check-up results had come out, Li Shan was now asking for instructions on what to do.

This was also why Ye Tian told Mu Xiao to go to the Multi-Specialty Hospital, not because it was the best.
No matter how good it was, it wasn’t better than the top hospitals in Yan City.

Because Li Shan was someone he respected.

Li Shan was a minor villain in the novel who, after helping Ye Tian once, was ruined by the protagonist’s schemes and committed suicide.

The end of Li Shan was tragic.

Upon examining the novel closely, he learned that Li Shan was suspected of obtaining large sum of money from an unknown source 

However, the problem was that he was trying to gain favour for improving the hospital and saving more patients, not for his selfish desires!

Of course, this wasn’t the main reason for Ye Tian’s concern.

After Li Shan’s death, the drama surrounding his death frustrated him the most.

Even though Li Shan had donated the majority of his fortune to welfare organizations, the protagonist ruined his reputation.
This caused his wife and daughter to live a rather miserable life, not even being able to feed themselves.

Finally, when the protagonist learned about this, his heart couldn’t bear it and was filled with kindness.

Thus, he concealed the truth, made the mother and daughter grateful, and finally made Li Shan’s daughter join his harem!

“What an awful thing!”

Ye Tian cursed in his heart.

“Young Master Ye, a girl named Mu Xiao called me today and said that you asked her parents to come to my hospital for a check-up.
The check-up results have come out, and both her parents have been diagnosed with a hidden health disease.
Fortunately, the disease was detected in time to be treated.
I would like to ask you for some advice…” Li Shan said thoughtfully.

This was where he was clever.

If he told Mu Xiao the truth now, Ye Tian would gain Mu Xiao’s goodwill.
Moreover, it was likely that she would also tell this matter to him.

That’s about all.

But if he told Ye Tian what had happened, he would let Ye Tian decide.

It didn’t matter what Ye Tian ordered.
The result would have been that Li Shan would be helping him and could gain favor from Ye Tian.

After Ye Tian pondered a bit, he replied, “Tell Mu Xiao the truth and don’t do anything else.
Later, I will personally visit her.”

After all, Mu Xiao was different from Tang Ruoyu.

His predecessor highly regarded Tang Ruoyu, so she thought she was a cold goddess!

Indeed, Tang Ruoyu had a goddess-like face, but the thing was that she didn’t know the reason why she was regarded as a goddess.

On top of this, she even belittled Ye Tian, which showed her ignorance.

Although Ye Tian knew Tang Ruoyu was ridiculed today, he still treated her harshly.

He already knew that she would be mocked today, but he did not stop her; because he wanted to get her back on track.

Luckily, Tang Ruoyu was quite aggressive and had figured out the situation before he could make his next move.

Well, thanks to Bai Fang and the member of the Lin family, she was forced to the point of breaking down.

On the contrary, Mu Xiao was different from Tang Ruoyu.
Although she seemed weak from the outside, she was quite strong on the inside.

Moreover, Mu Xiao was a person who understood how to repay the kindness.

For her, Ye Tian did not need to employ tricks or schemes.
Simply treating her well was sufficient.

He was certain that Mu Xiao would be moved as long as he was sincere enough.

“Young Master, do you want to go to the hospital?” Liu Yue asked.

There were only three people in the car.

Therefore she could hear Ye Tian’s phone call just now.

“I’ll go by myself; you and Ruoyu go back first.
Find a room for her, and I’ll decide what she does when I return tonight.” Ye Tian nodded and said, “After all, she will be by my side for the next few years, and we can’t let her eat rice for nothing.”

“Young Master, don’t worry; with me around, I definitely won’t let her eat rice for nothing!” Liu Yue said with a smile.

Having been by Ye Tian’s side for so long, she was sure that Ye Tian was in a pleasant mood and joking.

Besides, her impression of Tang Ruoyo changed considerably after hearing her earlier words.

“…I don’t want to eat rice.”

Tang Ruoyu muttered in a low voice as she gritted her teeth lightly.

It was just that she was saying it.

But in her heart, she was somewhat happy seeing the playful meaning in Ye Tian’s words.

These words meant she would live here with a straight face in the future!

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