“It’s Heavenly Spirit Fruit!” Ye Tian exclaimed.

This was the main ingredient for refining the Marrow Cleansing Pill.

Well, even if it were available, it would take about three months to refine the pill.

After all, when he would have to gather all the other ingredients to refine the Marrow Cleansing Pill, he could become a cultivator.

As stated in the novel, apart from being rich and handsome, his background didn’t have the ability to cultivate. 

But now, with the system backing him, it’s a different story.

It was just that Ye Tian never expected the system to be so powerful that it allowed him to refine pills and become a cultivator directly!

Becoming a cultivator!

Ye Tian was quite excited about this.

After he refined the Heavenly Spirit Fruit into a pill in the furnace, he would naturally become a cultivator.
However, if he failed, he would have to start again.

But, when he saw the second choice, his heart skipped a beat instantly.

The Heavenly Spirit Fruit Tree!

According to the novel, the Heavenly Spirit Fruit Tree had long been extinct.

Due to this, even those cultivators in the past had a limited supply of Marrow Cleansing Pills.

Also, because of the lack of spiritual Qi, the number of cultivators decreased.

Therefore, if Ye Tian had the whole tree to himself, would he not have unlimited Heavenly Spirit Fruit in the future?

With this, he would have an infinite supply of Marrow Cleansing Pills so that he could make everyone around him embark on the cultivation path!

Even Ye Tian found it difficult to calm down when this thought crossed his mind.

He then summoned the status panel in front of him.

[Total Store Coins: 100]

[Life-extending Pill: Consuming this pill will enhance your physique, increasing your lifespan by ten years.

Price: 10 Store Coins.

Beauty Pill: Consuming this pill will make your skin more attractive and look more youthful.

Price: 10 Store Coins.

Immortal Medicine Field: You can grow various immortal herbs and sacred trees after purchasing this.

Size: one acre

Price: 100 Store Coins

Note: By growing the Heavenly Spirit Fruit Tree in this manner, you can harvest it ten times a month.

However, due to the increased growth, the harvested Heavenly Spirit Fruits cannot be used for planting]

While Ye Tian had already been looking forward to the mall for quite some time, seeing the items inside in person still excited him.

This was due to the items’ effects and their prices.

Apart from the final Immortal Pill Field, which was priced at 100 Store Coins, he could buy the Life-extending Pill and the Beauty Pill for 10 Store Coins.

They were cheap.

[Ding… Congratulations to the host on successfully purchasing the Immortal Pill Field!]

[Ding… The host’s choice is confirmed.
The Heavenly Spirit Fruit is automatically planted in the Immortal Medicine Field.
The host can check it at any time!]

[Ding… Congratulations to the host for completing the task and gaining 100 Store Coins!]

Ye Tian didn’t make a choice immediately because he was concerned that the Immortal Medicine Field would take too long to ripen and bear fruit.

Initially, he was worried that it would take decades or even hundreds of years to ripen.

To him, becoming a cultivator was very important.

Nevertheless, Ye Tian’s choice was obvious after he found out he could harvest in just one month!

Since there were no cultivators in the city, one month was nothing at all.

Moreover, the protagonist truly became a cultivator after a month when he descended the mountain.
Also, there were still thirty days before the protagonist descended the mountain.

Ye Tian’s strength would surpass the protagonist once he descended the mountain!

Ye Tian retraced his gaze to the store and found a new item.

[Thousand Year Lightning Strike Wood: Can forge weapons or refine special items.

Price: 10 Store Coins]

He had never seen such material before in the novel.

However, it was still a cheap price, only 10 Store Coins.

As Ye Tian couldn’t use it, he didn’t intend to buy it.

On the contrary, the Life Extending Pill and the Beauty Pill could be bought.

The Life-extending Pill directly enhances the physique and extends lifespan!

Surely, this pill was a priceless treasure.

Though the Life-extending Pill was very appealing to men, it was an utterly wonderful thing for women.
Thus, he wanted to give it to Liu Yue as a reward.

[Ding… Congratulations to the host for successfully purchasing the Life-extending Pill!]

[Ding… Congratulations to the host on the successful purchase of the Life-extending Pill!]

Once again, the items on the list were changed.

Ye Tian looked over in anticipation this time as well.

[Exclusive Cultivation Technique: An exclusive cultivation technique suitable for the host to cultivate.

Original price: 1,000,000,000,000 Store Coins.

Discount price: 10,000 Store Coins.

The remaining time for the discount offer: 29 days and 23 hours.

Hint: This item will be refreshed after the discount form time, regardless of whether the host purchases it]

After use, the skin appears smoother and more youthful.

Price: 10 Store Coins]

1,000,000,000,000 Store Coins

Seeing this price, Ye Tian was dumbfounded.

But luckily, there was a discount offer of 10,000 Store Coins.

Well, it still sounded exaggerated, but it was already considered a fair price.

The effect was unbelievable.
But still, expensive items usually only have one downside.

It was way too expensive!

In regards to Beauty Pills, it was still listed on the store panel.

He wasn’t in a rush to buy them this time because he had no one around except Liu Yue, who was suitable for this pill.

Mu Xiao and Tang Ruoyu were both in their early twenties and were too young.
Therefore, this wasn’t the best time to use them.

Only Liu Yue would turn twenty-six this year and be suitable for the Beauty Pill to keep her beauty forever.

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