Just a moment ago, her grandfather made a fuss to kick her out.


But now, because of Lin Teng's words, she was immediately regarded as a Bai family member by her grandfather, who earlier said she had no place in the family.


Seeing this, Tang Ruoyu's anger grew to the point of wanting to laugh.


Ye Tian, whom she had disdained before, was much better!


Congratulations on gaining Tang Ruoyu's favorability and 5000 villain points!]


Congratulations on successfully completing the novice mission.
Please check out your rewards in the store!]


The system store is open.
The Host can access the shop at any time!]




Ye Tian, who had the same dissatisfied expression as Tang Ruoyu, suddenly heard he had been rewarded another 5,000 villain points.
This caused the displeasure in his heart to vanish in an instant.


As he turned his gaze at Lin Teng and Bai Yuan, it seemed that these trash weren't useless.
He probably wouldn't have completed the novice quest so quickly if they weren't here!


“The old rule was to break both legs of the person…
Let's keep it single-leg, but make them unable to speak for a month.
Also, bring back the things I asked for.” Ye Tian had no intention of speaking nonsense.


Well, he could do it directly.


After Ye Tian said this to Liu Yue in a low voice, he took Tang Ruoyu with him to leave.


What did you mean by that sentence just now? What a leg? Can't talk for a month?”


As Tang Ruoyu got into the car, she pondered Ye Tian's earlier words and asked curiously.


“Usually people who mess with me will have both legs broken somehow, and can't speak for a month.
However, this time they've sort of helped me out a bit, and I'm looking forward to repaying the favor.
So, I'm content as long as they break one leg.”


In the novel, this was how the protagonist retaliated against anyone who offended him.


After all, he was the ultimate villain.


He couldn't simply sit by and do nothing when someone insulted him in the face, could he?




Tang Ruoyu understood but didn't say anything.


Even though only a short time had passed since the drama, she had already decided.


From now on, she would cut off all ties with the Tang family and the Bai family.


However, since her parents had raised her lovingly, she only hoped that Ye Tian wouldn't make her parents suffer too much.


For herself, she was committed to staying by Ye Tian's side forever!


Soon, Liu Yue stepped outside the Bai family's mansion.


Before Ye Tian could even ask her, she replied, “It's done, this is what Young Master was looking for.”


After saying that, she handed a wooden box to Ye Tian.


Ye Tian took the wooden box, and the system prompt rang out again before he could open it.


The host has been detected to have obtained the Heavenly Spirit Fruit.
Congratulations to the host for triggering the choice]


[Choice 1: Use the Heavenly Spirit Fruit directly.


Reward: With the system, the host can refine the Heavenly Spirit Fruit to achieve maximum benefit and begin cultivation immediately.


Choice 2: Plant the Heavenly Spirit Fruit in the Immortal Medicine Field and let it grow into a Heavenly Spirit Fruit Tree!


Reward: 100 Store Coins!


Hint: Immortal Pill Fields can be purchased in the Store!]


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