That's right!


Ye Tian really didn’t like her anymore!


Perhaps she hurt his feelings too badly this time!


So Ye Tian had focused his attention on someone else, namely Mu Xiao in front of her!


No wonder he was so indifferent to her today. 


Soon, a bitter smile appeared at the corner of Tang Ruoyu's mouth.


“You are?” Mu Xiao was puzzled.


Meanwhile, she was thinking to herself.
She didn't seem to have seen the people in front of her.


Luckily, Tang Ruoyu could also see the confusion on her face at this time and explained, “My name is Tang Ruoyu, and we're both from Yunda University.
I’m two years older than you, and you’re my junior.”


“So it's a senior!” Mu Xiao realized in a flash.


Tang Ruoyu! She had never met her in person before.


However, she had heard her name countless times, one of the campus belles of Yunda University, and also a well-known figure!


Especially at the beginning of this week, her engagement to a young master of a renowned family was the hot topic at Yunda.


Even if Tang Ruoyu didn't gossip about it, Mu Xiao heard it every day from other people's ears.


It was the first time she had seen Tang Ruoyu today, but she seemed to know about her.


In fact, Tang Ruoyu was the same as Mu Xiao.


Tang Ruoyu hadn't seen her at school or anywhere else before either.


The reason why she had an impression was that she had looked at the results of this year's four most beautiful campus belles not long ago.


While Tang Ruoyu didn't care about it, she couldn't help but glance at Mu Xiao who was the only newly promoted one.


Next to her, Liu Yue was also thinking about this.


Ye Tian naturally attended Yunda University in order to pursue Tang Ruoyu.

Coupled with today's annulling of the engagement, she seemed to understand the reason why Young Master had given up on Tang Ruoyu.


It was just that Liu Yue didn't know when Mu Xiao caught her Young Master's eye.


When she returned, she would have someone check her background.



An hour later.


Ye Tian had his fill.

On the other hand, Liu Yue saw this and was the first to get up and prepare to pay the bill.


However, she was stopped by Ye Tian before she could leave.


“You stay, I'll go pay.”


After saying that, Ye Tian walked directly towards Mu Xiao.


He asked, “Little classmate, how much is our bill?”


“Senior Ye, it's 150 yuan.” Seeing that the person coming was Ye Tian, Mu Xiao replied with a smile.


After the exchange just now, she already knew that the man in front of her was the well-known big shot from Yan City.
He was also Senior Tang's fiancé.


“Mm.” Ye Tian nodded his head and paid directly.


Just as he turned to leave, he suddenly said to Mu Xiao, “Well, I have something I want to say to you, but it's just my guess, but I still hope you can pay attention to it.”


“What is it?” Mu Xiao froze.


Seeing Ye Tian’s expression suddenly turn solemn, she was a bit scared and nervous.


“You should have heard that my family background is not bad, so I grew up with a slight understanding of the medical arts.
Just now I found out that your parents seem to have some hidden disease.
Of course, this is just my guess, so you shouldn't worry too much.
It's better if you take them to the hospital for a check-up.”


“This is the card of the hospital’s director.
Show this to him and say that I sent you.
They can help your parents get a general checkup for free.
If nothing is wrong, it should be fine.
If I'm right, we'll be able to treat them in advance.”


“Of course, don't get me wrong, I'm only doing this because you're Ruoyu's friend.
If you're worried, it doesn't matter if you don't go.”


After saying that, Ye Tian turned and left.


This was one of the reasons why he had brought Tang Ruoyu along this evening.
This was so that he could tell his purpose when he made Mu Xiao relax her guard.


After all, the original owner's generosity towards Tang Ruoyu's friend had long since spread throughout Yunda University.
It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that everyone knew about this.


It was better than him meeting straight away and saying her parents were sick so she had to come with him as only he could help her!


If that were the case, even if he did bring Mu Xiao's parents to the hospital, Mu Xiao's family might not trust him.


(T/N: *lol* He should have just brought a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates! That would have been a much more convincing way to win her trust!)


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