“Since when did I start liking to write agreements?! That agreement is clearly…”


Tang Ruoyu was depressed, but there was nothing she could do about it.


Behind the scenes, the Tang family gained many benefits from the Ye family.
Yet, she became reckless today and made him sign the termination agreement and publicly release the video statement.


It was because of her that Ye Tian had become a laughingstock in Yan City.


So even if Ye Tian's words hurt her, she could only endure in silence.


Thankfully, Ye Tian did as he said, and he also gave her a chance.


Of course, she was supposed to go back tonight and prepare an agreement that satisfied Ye Tian.
If she wrote something that Ye Tian wasn't satisfied with, she would get into trouble again.


Thinking of this, Tang Ruoyu simply buried her personal feelings for now.
Anyway, things had come to this.
She had already kneeled to Ye Tian in front of Liu Yue.
In addition, the fate of her whole family was also in her hands.
So, she had to make sure the content of the agreement satisfied Ye Tian’s requirements!


About twenty minutes later.


Under Ye Tian’s instructions, Liu Yue slowly parked the car outside a food stall.


At the same time, they were surprised.


Despite having lived in Yan City for more than a year, it was the first time Ye Tian had come to eat at such a place.


“I heard that there's a yummy barbecue stall in front, so let's head over to try it.”


Ye Tian explained and then walked into the stall.


The two women sniffed and followed closely.


In less than two minutes, Ye Tian found the barbecue stall in his memory.


At the same time, he also saw the person he was looking for.


Mu Xiao!


One of the heroines in the novel.


She was a gentle and pretty girl.
She was studying at Yunda University like Tang Ruoyu, and she was one of the four campus belles.


She was a bit better than Tang Ruoyu, who acted cold and aloof.


In the novel, Mu Xiao was from an average family background and had a hard time getting into university.
However, her parents both fell ill and the hefty surgery bill was too much for her to afford.


She couldn't afford to pay for surgery.


When Mu Xiao was desperate, our protagonist appeared on the scene, and with his medical skills, he effortlessly cured her parents without any trouble.


Of course, this wasn’t because the protagonist was kind-hearted.
He saw that Mu Xiao had a special physique and wanted to use it for himself.
Thus, he took the initiative to save her.


He even deliberately aggravated the condition of Mu Xiao's parents before treatment, causing them to nearly lose their lives.

However, they had some side effects, so Mu Xiao needed to continue relying on him even after they were cured.


“Is there anything you would like to eat?”


As Ye Tian was thinking to himself, a pleasant female voice sounded.


It was Mu Xiao whom he had just seen earlier.


At this moment, she had already arrived in front of the three of them.


“Mu Xiao? Is this your family's stall?”


Before Ye Tian could speak, Tang Ruoyu beside him suddenly exclaimed.


When Ye Tian said he was coming to eat at the food stall just now, she didn't think much.


After all, in this situation, she was in no mood to eat.
All she could think about was how to get the agreement written so that she could satisfy Ye Tian tomorrow.


But when she sat down and inadvertently glanced at Mu Xiao, who was greeting customers, she suddenly had some clarity in her mind.
It was as if she understood everything at once.


It was as if she had instantly grasped the point of everything.


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