Initially, Tang Ruoyu thought that agreeing to the engagement would be the greatest compromise.

However, she soon realized that she had made a fool of herself ten minutes.

After Liu Yue's explanation, Tang Ruoyu once again realized the many things that had happened in the past year.

A year ago, when Ye Tian was courting her at first, her father swindled investors, leading the whole Tang family to be just one step away from bankruptcy.
But then, her father took the initiative to find Ye Tian, said her daughter had feelings for him, and even requested Ye Tian to come here from Yan City.

Because of this, the Tang family didn't end up bankrupt and gained ten billion yuan of capital investment!

Well, this was just the beginning.

Within the following year, the Tang family took advantage of their engagement to secure many contracts and significantly rose from a company with tens of billions in debt to a hundred billion yuan company.

As long as Ye Tian and Tang Ruoyu successfully married in six months, the Tang family's assets could even double!

But with what she did today, not to mention the Tang family doubling its assets, the Ye family would sue the previous contract.
They wouldn't only lose all their assets, but would still owe over thirty billion yuan as a result.

Obviously, the Ye family would lose more than the Tang family.
However, this matter meant a great deal to the Ye family, and they were willing to bear the loss!

The most important thing was that everyone knew about this contract, and as long as she and Ye Tian get married, there won't be any problems.

When Tang Ruoyu recalled treating Ye Tian coldly in the past, she felt like a clown.

At the same time, she partially blamed Ye Tian for not telling her all of this earlier.

If she had known that Ye Tian had done so much for the Tang family, she definitely wouldn't have hated him as much as she does now, even if she didn't accept him!

To be honest, this was something she needed to realize earlier, but sadly, the predecessor also couldn't figure it out either.

In spite of his strong background and handsome appearance, why did the rich second-generation predecessor become the heroine's licking dog? Yet, he couldn't touch her hand until his death.

“As we have known each other for so long, I give you a chance to convince me.
If you can convince me, I'll end this matter here.
After all, from beginning to end, I am the victim.”

Ye Tian took a sip of tea and then continued, “Remember, even if your parents are imprisoned, you must find a way to pay back the money your family owes me.
If not, even if the world is now at peace, you may be in danger.


After Tang Ruoyu heard his words, she opened her mouth several times but didn't know how to convince Ye Tian.

In fact, she was frightened by Ye Tian's threatening words.

If Tang Ruoyu didn't convince him this time, the whole Tang family would be destroyed, her parents would be imprisoned, and she would lose everything.

There was the possibility that she would be intimidated or even hurt by her loan sharks in various ways.

“I-I promise to marry you and not to break off the engagement again…”

“There is no need to do that, or simply, you have lost your chance, and you aren’t worthy of me!” Ye Tian interrupted Tang Ruoyu's words and chuckled, “And who gave you the confidence that makes you think you are worth tens of billions of yuan?”

After saying that, Ye Tian deliberately paused for a moment, then added, “Of course, once when I liked you, you were deservedly priceless in my eyes, but now, you're worthless!”

Ye Tian so bluntly belittled Tang Ruoyu, making her lower her head in shame and reevaluate her own value.

At the same time, Liu Yue, next to him, was also shaken.

She couldn't imagine that Young Master had changed so much in just one day.
He's so domineering!

“Why aren't you saying anything? Do you have nothing to say? Or have my words hurt your so-called pride?”

“Well, that's it.
Xiao Yue, help me book a flight.
We'll return to Yan City, and this Young Master will take you shopping tomorrow!”

Tang Ruoyu didn't say anything, and Ye Tian wasn't interested in her.

It was late afternoon, and he was hungry.

I'm not worth tens of billions, but…
But as long as you persuade Elder Ye to let the Tang family go, I'm yours!”

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