: Revolving around a galaxy, our promise holds for millions of years.
The asteroid cuts through all obstacles for you.
@LingChe45361V @XuTangzhouzzV Friendship is invincible!

[!!!!!! WHAT?!!!!!!]





A few minutes later, Flow’s server was on the verge of crashing.


Xu Tangzhou managed to open Flow, but he wasn’t in a rush to read his own comments since Flow was already overwhelmed with comments about “Ling Che going on a variety show”.

He only had one doubt: “Doesn’t Ling Che not have a Flow account? Who did the official post mention?”




No matter how you looked at it, this username looked fake.


Huang Qian was busy looking at the itinerary and spoke without looking up: “Oh, the company asked him to open one, but his name and its various permutations were already taken, so he just picked the one randomly generated by the system.
The mention was to the person himself.
Don’t forget to follow him to prevent others from thinking you two aren’t familiar with each other.”


Xu Tangzhou replied with an “Oh”.

The number of new fans notifications he received became 9999+ in a short period of time, causing his screen to continuously freeze before he could click on the Flow homepage for “LingChe45361”.


The account still didn’t upload a profile picture, using only the default blue figure.
Only the bio confirmed his identity: Artist from Xing Jing, Singer.

There was only one post, which was the one automatically generated by the system upon signing up.


Ling Che 45361V: Hi~ I opened a Flow account.
You can follow and learn about my life! Come and play with me.


In the short 10 minutes between the time the program team announced Ling Che’s Flow account until the moment Xu Tangzhou clicked on the homepage, the message automatically sent by the system on Ling Che’s homepage already reached over 30,000 comments.

[On the brink of death wuwuwu* I’m dead, I’m really dead]

TN: Sounds of crying

[Our gege finally realized that his phone could go online]

[OMG*!!! Today! Who dares to say that anything is impossible in this world!!!]

*TN: Oof, this one was a pun that doesn’t translate well into English… TLDR: It means awsl = I’m dead (from excitement/cuteness/etc)

[Ahhhhhh My Che has an account now! Ahhhhhh]


The number of comments was growing at a terrifying rate.

However, Ling Che didn’t make any additional moves.
He didn’t forward the show’s official announcement, didn’t input any personal information, and even the number of users he was following was 0.
It seemed the purpose of registering this account was just to allow the program team to mention him.


Xu Tangzhou was different from him, obediently following Huang Qiang’s request to forward the show’s announcement and he even wrote a message.

XuTangzhouzzV: I heard that this show is very fun.
Looking forward to meeting with everyone [cute].


The atmosphere in his comment section was vastly different.
Aside from the few fans who knew and liked him, the comments made by the other passerby were the same as the comments under the official show announcement.


[??? Hello? Can anyone tell me who this is?]

[So it’s true that Ling Che is going on a variety show?!! It feels like he’s purposely lowering himself, he’s even going with an Omega]

[I knew that it was only hype.
How could Ling Che have an Omega friend! Heh.]

[Straight A cancers should scram!!! Protect our Omega!]

[He’ll definitely show his true form on the show.
I don’t believe that Ling Che could wash himself clean.]


In contrast to the relatively mild public opinion from before, Xu Tangzhou now received an unprecedented amount of attention and faced much more doubts and criticisms.
Unexpectedly, most of the commenters of his Flow seemed to be Omegas, causing the comments section to become a battlefield between Alphas and Omegas.


Xu Tangzhou: “……”


The week-long recording was about to begin.
The location this time had already been guessed by the netizens, it was indeed Surilan Island.

Xu Tangzhou needed to watch the previous shows, prepare his suitcase, and listen to precautions from Huang Qian.
He also received a Dingxun message* from the show’s assistant who would follow him.

TN: For once, I say “thank you simplified ver.
for clarifying…” It's a made-up messaging app, like whatsapp or wechat


Assistant Momo: Dear Zhouzhou, reminder that everyone will be meeting with everyone at the show’s departure point tomorrow morning.
The following items are not allowed to be brought in your luggage.
If you brought them, we will toss them out on the spot [cute].


Attached was a list:

No food.

No drinks (including water).

No cash or cards from any country.

No electronic communication equipment.

No daily necessities (except skincare products).

No disposable items.

No items that could aid in comfort (including sleeping bags and pillows)


Xu Tangzhou: “???”

He read the list several times and confirmed that these items weren’t allowed.
He couldn’t help but sink into his thoughts.
Then what else could he bring?


In the midst of Xu Tangzhou’s pondering, he didn’t know that Ying Chen posted a Flow, whipping up another storm on the internet.


Ying ChenV: @LingChe45361 Gege, Begging for a follow.
Let me become the first cutie you follow [pleading] [pleading]


After he sent the post, the marketing accounts and fans all went online.
At night, Ling Che finally made a move.

The asteroids staring at his Flow watched the number of people Ling Che followed change from 0 to 1.


Half a minute later.


[Hahaha Asking how deep Ying Chen’s trauma is]

[Hahaha They’re only drinking buddies, maybe consider breaking it off with him]

[Hahahaha Ying Chen deleted that post.
Sisters, go and see!!!]

[Guess who Ling Che followed!!! What a wonderful world I live in!]



–End of Arc 1: Tears–

TN: Chinese terms as pinyin in this chapter

“ge/gege” (older brother, could be used as a respectful address for acquaintances)

“jie” (older sister, could be used as a respectful address for acquaintances as well)

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