me to be a coward in the face of people blocking my door.”

Huang Qian was speechless and said anxiously: “Then I’ll first call the police.
Wait until they leave, and then act.”


Xu Tangzhou stared blankly at their conversation.
He simply didn’t know what suggestions he should offer.

Ling Che didn’t seem open to suggestions either.


Huang Qian refused to unlock the car doors, so Ling Che simply walked up to the front, and taking advantage of his height, he leaned forward and pressed the unlock button.

Even in that noisy situation, the quiet “click” of the doors unlocking was captured by the paparazzi.
Instantly, the doors were wrenched open.


There was a flurry of white flashes from the shutters in Xu Tangzhou’s eyes.
The group of people mindlessly took pictures of the inside of the car while hollering Ling Che’s name.
For a moment, Xu Tangzhou -who had never encountered this before- felt fear.

“Who is he?!”

“What’s your relationship?”


The scene was a disaster, making his ears ring.


Suddenly, Xu Tangzhou’s vision went dark.
His head seemed to have been covered by someone.

It was Ling Che who took off his jacket before getting off the car and draped it over his face.
Before getting off the car, he said: “Struck dumb?”


The paparazzi chased Ling Che who got off the car.

The noisy voices gradually faded into the distance.

Xu Tangzhou took off the jacket, watching Ling Che’s head as he moved slowly through the sea of people.
Xiao An also rushed off the car, forcing them out of the way while cursing.

Huang Qian was calling the police: “Miyuan villa district, there are people causing trouble and trespassing into private property…”




That night.

#Ling Che’s Mystery Boyfriend#

#Ling Che Brings A Beautiful Omega Home#

#Ling Che Sticks Up A Middle Finger#

#Ling Che’s Suspected Love Exposed#


These tags, which all seemed to be about Ling Che, occupied multiple spots on Flow’s hot search.
In particular, the tag #Ling Che Brings A Beautiful Omega Home# occupied the number 1 spot in popularity, not budging from its number 1 position for a long time.


However, this #Ling Che Brings A Beautiful Omega Home# tag – upon opening it, the atmosphere was completely different.

[Hahaha, rofl.
Isn’t the “pretty Omega” Xu Tangzhou??]

TN: actual is “wtmxs” which is “I’m laughing to death”, so I just substituted it with rofl

[Yes, he’s very pretty.
I also want to bring him home  (Wait, that’s not the point!)]

[Who is he? He looks pretty good.
For once, I’m not angry about fighting over my husband, but about his temperament!]

[So who in the world is he? I want all of his info ASAP.]

[Our Zaizai* looks so scared, you scared him!!! I’ll also explain a bit, our Zaizai is called Xu Tangzhou.
Be his fan! If you’re his fan, we will be fellow sisters!]

TN: I forgot if I mentioned it earlier, but the nickname zaizai literally means “child”, and it’s a nickname given to children.


Soon after, a well-known entertainment gossip account sent out information.

[#Ling Che Brings A Beautiful Omega Home# To hell with bringing home, do reporters have the memory of a goldfish??? He appeared on the hot search last night! I’m begging you to have a little professionalism and pay attention to the changes?  He’s a newcomer at Xing Jing called Xu Tangzhou.
If you don’t remember, go search it yourself.
Don’t always ask me to explain it for free! ← Points to Mist advertisement.
Xing Jing’s New Year’s party was just last night.
Is Che shen going home with a coworker so unusual? Also, according to insider info, this group of paparazzi surrounded Fisher hotel where Xing Jing had the party.
They continually made spam calls which disrupted the guests’ and the artists’ private life .
I’ll make a guess, Che shen and his agent left separately in order to get away.
Xu Tangzhou only sent him back home.
The driver is Xu Tangzhou’s agent.]


This Flow post was forwarded tens of thousands of times.
The faces of the paparazzi were quickly slapped swollen.

TN: In case anyone didn’t know, but to slap someone’s face means their reputation (face) had taken a hit.

The Asteroids were laughing underneath the post and praising Xu Tangzhou for doing well.

[Little gege really took care of my Che! So good!]

[I’m a fan now.]

[He did what he promised.
Love it! ]


The incident quickly subsided.
After some time, Xing Jing issued a statement harshly critisizing the paparazzi for making something out of nothing.
Also mentioning in passing that Ling Che and Xu Tangzhou were only good friends, no need to second guess.


As soon as the statement was issued, anyone who read carefully clearly knew that it was just a show for the public.
It was in response to the “Ling Che discriminates against Omegas” comments.

Ling Che and an Omega are “good friends”, which was enough to shut the mouths of a few people who wanted to aggravate the situation.
Even though it’s not enough, it's a good start.

Situ Ya was very skilled at this.


At this time, Xu Tangzhou still didn’t know the deeper meaning behind it.

He browsed Flow to see if anyone was scolding him.
To his surprise, no one scolded him.


Until he saw a popular comment.


[Was I the only one who noticed that gege took off his coat and covered Xu Tangzhou’s head with it? It’s really A, but I’m still really, really sour ……
I also want gege’s coat ]

TN: sour = jealous, so when you read about someone “tipping over the vinegar jar” or eating lemons, they’re jealous~

Actually no insults today, I tired

Xu Tangzhou sat on the sofa, and Ling Che’s coat was draped on top.

This Ling Che was sometimes a bit mean, but – he grabbed the coat- his pheromones smell nice.


Soon after.


He nosebleed again.



The author has something to say:

Stop smelling it, you can’t handle the smell.
Bleeding makes your kidneys weak.
Child, be good and go find your husband.

Ling Che’s cold face: This beautiful Omega, do you have any troubling diseases? I’ll check it for you.
(Takes out and wears some mysterious items)

TN: Chinese terms as pinyin in this chapter

“ge/gege” (older brother, could be used as a respectful address for acquaintances)

“jie” (older sister, could be used as a respectful address for acquaintances as well)

“Shen” (literally: god, but mainly for a highly respected and revered figure)

“Zaizai” (Literally: child, but it's mainly used as a nickname for kids)

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