The first commercial that Xu Tangzhou shot after signing a contract with Xing Jing was the new flavor Mist released.

[Hhhhh a sudden advertisement, Zhouzhou is still working to promote the product on his birthday]
(TN: hhh or 2333 is laughing)

[I already bought it!! I did!]

[The moment I watched the ad, I bought it.
The ice cream flavor is amazing! Every time I sniff it, it’s like French kissing Zaizai~]

[Pei, watch me take care of you, Zhouzhou is mine!]
(TN: Pei is the sound of spitting)

There were a few people in the barrage asking Xu Tangzhou what channel he was watching the New Year’s broadcast on.

Xu Tangzhou said: “I was watching Shenhai TV”


[Crying, distressed]

[My Che didn’t go.
1551 Shenhai TV false advertising!! nmsl]
(TN: 1551 sounds like 噫呜呜噫 which is the sound of crying, while nmsl means F*ck your mother)

[Thankfully Ling Che didn’t go, otherwise, I’d throw up.
Straight A cancer Ling Che go die go die go die]

[+1 I’ve also become a passerby black fan of Ling Che]
(TN: a passerby fan is someone who just became a fan and a black fan is an anti, aka a new anti)


The broadcast topic gradually strayed, and someone asked: [Zhouzhou, why did you watch Shenhai TV? Can I guess that you’re also one of Ling Che’s little asteroids?]
(TN: Ling Che's fans are called Asteroids)


“En, I can’t be considered a true asteroid, you can think of it like watching my livestream.” Xu Tangzhou said, “I am a very superficial person.”


The barrage was flooded with a screen of question marks.

[??? What more or less, I’m not superficial]


[Unfollow warning?? I don’t just like Zhouzhou’s face! I also like Zhouzhou’s legs, Zhouzhou’s hands, and Zhouzhou’s breathing]

[I think the commenter above is straying into adult territory]


Xu Tangzhou didn’t mind, and slowly said: “Don’t be shy, In the age where everyone looks at the face… who isn’t a face fan? Not to mention God Che’s music is so irreplaceable.
Let me say this now before anyone says otherwise, no one can curse my idol here.
Don’t talk about his gossip, everyone is expected to be civilized.”


Once he said those words, it caused a domino effect, and the fans who especially hated Ling Che furiously hurled insults into the barrage.

[Heh, and you said you weren’t an asteroid, this is proof you’re a brainless Che fan]

[Another Alpha worshipper? Is your brain used to birth evil straights? What “saying otherwise”?]

[Ugh, bootlicking an Alpha.
Don’t forget you’re also an Omega.
Watch out for a slap to the face]


Xu Tangzhou blinked: “Scolding me leads to blacklisting and I’ll even counter you.
Your brain is used to birth evil straights, there’s 180 evil garbage born there.”

The moment he finished, the system prompt said user XXX, XXX has been blacklisted.


[Hahaha The little brat online has been blacklisted]

[LMAO, my Zai is still small.
If you scold him, he’ll scold you right back hahaha]

[Scolding as fierce as a tiger 666 Fight him!]
(TN: 666 is slang for awesome, and the raws originally said “Do him in the front”, but it can be simplified to “fight him”)


“I accidentally went open mic and said some big words, I probably won’t be face slapped?” Xu Tangzhou prayed out loud to the barrage.
“There definitely won’t be any reversals.
I’m so pure and kind, that type of thing definitely won’t happen to me.”



[xswl Hahaha omg]
(TN: xswl = I'm laughing to death)

[What is this hidden treasure hahaha]


The ones who should be blocked couldn’t be blocked.
There were so many people in the live broadcast, Xu Tangzhou couldn’t mute everyone.

Soon after, someone said that he, a 38th tier star, was pretending to be an Asteroid to rub off on Ling Che’s fame which caused Xu Tangzhou to lose fans.
They began to fight in the comments and his true love fans promptly changed the subject to what he’d do for his birthday today.


Xu Tangzhou didn’t mind losing fans too much.
He placed his phone on the table, propped up his chin, and thought long and hard: “Birthday? I have to attend the company’s annual New Year gathering.
I heard that there's a raffle drawing.
Perhaps I wouldn’t even need to buy myself a birthday present.”


[Company? Which one did Zhouzhou sign with? Do you still plan on continuing to walk fashion shows!! [Starry eyes]]

[My child Zai finally signed with a company!! Mother is crying loudly, us career fans are celebrating!]

[Wait, Zai, why did you focus on the raffle prize? (If you didn’t speak, you’d be prettier)]


“Not walking fashion shows.” Xu Tangzhou willfully said, “This little student also has to work hard.
Right now, I signed with a company called Xing Jing.
The agent asked me to livestream today, I didn’t expect that everyone still hasn’t slept yet.”


The barrage was still being spammed.


“I received your blessings, you all should go to sleep.” Xu Tangzhou finished his task and was exhausted, “Everyone should be happy in this upcoming year too.”

With tears in his eyes, he waved goodbye and yawned as he closed the live broadcast.


What he didn’t know was how the fans were going to explode from the news he just revealed.



“What are you laughing about?”


In the car, the young Alpha was closing his eyes to take a nap.
His jawline was elegantly smooth, giving off a feeling of alienation and indifference.

Unlike how the world imagined him to be gloomy, Ling Che’s posture was still relaxed.
In fact, they just came from the Shenhai TV venue and were on the way home.
It wasn’t because of the rumor of being blocked, it was because Ling Che stood Shenhai TV up.


His assistant Xiao An was watching something interesting and unable to restrain his excited mood, he said quietly: “Ge, there seems to be a really really really cute newcomer recently, look.”


Ling Che graciously opened his eyes and saw a frozen blurry figure caught in a yawn on the screen: “……”


“Huh? Why did the broadcast end?” Xiao An completely didn’t realize his promotion failed.
He took back his phone and said enthusiastically, “He was the one who was in the Mist advertisement, have you seen it yet? Huang Qian just signed him.”

Ling Che said coldly: “No.”


No one knew if this day was special, but every year on New Year’s Day, Ling Che would inexplicably become moody.

This moodiness usually lasted throughout the day until it got better in the evening.
The people around him were already used to this.
This time, in addition to the turmoil caused by his careless words, Ling Che was in an even worse mood.


Xiao An wanted to show off to divert his attention, so he deliberately exaggerated his sigh: “Ah, he is really good-looking! Even me, a Beta, saw him and was enchanted.
I’ll look for that commercial to show you.
Right, he also seems to like you a lot, saying that he was your face fan…”


Aside from the music, everything else was boring in Ling Che’s eyes.

So he crossed his long legs and closed his eyes again: “Not interested.”


No matter how good-looking they are, just knowing one is good enough.

It's not worth wasting time on.

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