Chapter 12: One in a Thousand


It was customary for this show to search their suitcases.
Everyone had already watched the previous seasons, and they were already mentally prepared.
It’s not as if they haven’t seen some of the peculiar items that were discovered in the previous two seasons.
Therefore, they avoided any item that had already been discovered that would fall in a loophole.

Everyone had their own plans.

It wasn’t because they didn’t want to follow the show’s rules.
The show dug so many pits, they would have to be clever.
Otherwise they’ll be the ones suffering from being taken advantage of.


Qi Mi walked around the suitcases.
She already had a plan to search.

“Let’s start from the biggest pile.” Qi Mu said, “One two three four five, five.
Lumi CP brought quite a lot.
What, did you want to start a fashion week for the islanders?”

Lu Chengan said: “You didn’t say we couldn’t bring this much.
We’ll just pay for the checked bags ourselves.”

Qi Mu lifted one of the bags onto a prepared platform: “You’re quite confident.
It seems there wouldn’t be any forbidden items then.”

Lu Chengan: “Uh-huh”


Mi Fei walked over and used his fingerprint to open the suitcase.


The first two were all close calls.
The couple was extremely rule-abiding, preparing clothing, towels, etc.
There wasn’t a single prohibited item.

But it was a spectacular sight when the latter three suitcases were revealed.


The first suitcase was completely filled with folding fans.

The second suitcase was completely filled with ruyi knots.

The first suitcase was completely filled with cloth dolls, with no two being alike.


Surprised, everyone surrounded the suitcases.
Xu Tangzhou wondered: “Are you planning to go promote our Chinese culture?”


Ling Che held a cloth doll and checked it.

He was tall and his fingers were long.
With one hand, he was able to play with the doll.
He smiled and said to Lu Chengan: “Senior is truly a business genius.”


Lu Chengan was unperturbed: “You flatter me.”


After speaking, he gave a high five to Mi Fei, and then Mi Fei went on his tiptoes to kiss his cheek.


The dog food* was scattered plentifully.

TN: Dog food is PDA (Public display of affection), and to “scatter dog food” is to “show pda”

Ling Che ignored them.


Xia Xing waited until everyone reacted and she shouted: “Oh, I know! You guys want to bring these items to Surilan and sell them! Against the rules! It’s definitely against the rules!”

While she was speaking, everyone grabbed at the suitcases.

Mi Fei was indignant: “How could it be considered against the rules?! The program didn’t say that we couldn’t bring handmade products!”


Xu Tangzhou suddenly realized: “Why didn’t I think of it???”

Ling Che: “……” Truly an idiot.


Qi Mu spoke up amid the commotion: “Okay, stop grabbing and listen to me! After discussing with the directors, the answer is ‘violation’!”


Lu Chengan: “We didn’t violate the rules.”

Mi Fei: “Right! You didn’t say it wasn’t allowed!”


The two joined forces to fight, but unfortunately, Qi Mi was not moved by their tacit understanding and said: “Of course, it’s not considered a violation of the rules.
However, since these items could be sold, isn’t it the same as carrying cash in disguise? It’s unfair to the other groups.”

Qi Mu had a point.

Mi Fei said: “Then we won’t sell them, we can at least donate it!”

Qi Mu smiled: “Nope.
Apologies, but we have to throw these things away on the spot.”


The staff pushed over a large and empty box and poured the items inside.
As the items clattered, Mi Fei’s eyes became red.

Lu Chengan stepped forward and stopped the staff: “Sorry, you can’t throw away the items in this suitcase.
These dolls were personally made by Xiao Mi* and we weren’t planning on selling these.
We wanted to give them to children in Surilan.”

TN: Reminder that Xiao = little, which is a word you put in front of names to indicate closeness

Xia Yue didn’t believe them: “No way, handmade? Senior only knows how to fool people.
You definitely wanted to sell them.”

Xia Xing said: “That’s right.
Senior is a TV show emperor and he’s skilled at acting.
We can’t fall for his tricks.”


The competition hasn’t even begun yet, and some people have begun fighting.

Mi Fei didn’t say a word, making the Beta sisters appear aggressive.


Ling Che spoke calmly: “I looked at it earlier, and it really is handmade.”


Through the lens, Ling Che grabbed the doll’s seam and noted the stitches.

After speaking, he didn’t speak up for any side, maintaining his neutral stance.
From afar, he tossed the doll to Xu Tangzhou.


Xu Tangzhou who was hit on the face: “……”

He suspected that Ling Che did it on purpose.


Ling Che said: “Show them.”

“Ok.” Xu Tangzhou obediently showed the doll to the Beta sisters, unexpectedly compliant.


He entered a working state, cooperating with Ling Che.


Xia Yue and Xia Xing looked at the doll.
Traces of the doll being handmade were obvious, but no one could prove if they were made by Mi Fei.
In front of the camera, the two still apologized to Mi Fei.
Qi Mu quickly stepped in to compromise.

“Then how about this, we won’t throw away these handmade dolls.
Would it be fine if the program team held on to them?” Qi Mu gently asked, “We promise not to steal any.
When we arrive at Surilan, they’ll be sent by the program team to the children under your names.”

“Okay.” Mi Fei strained out a smile.


Lu Chengan was clearly in a bad mood.
He kissed Mi Fei on the forehead and pulled him aside to comfort him.
Their following cameraman didn’t stop filming their interactions.


“Since the items thrown away from the Lumi* group weren’t written on the list of prohibited items, we will only throw them away and not deduct money.” Qi Mu said, “Thank you for providing us with ideas for the list of prohibited items next season.”

TN: Yes, I know it says Lu Fei, but it’s a typo.
Their CP name is Lumi (Somehow this managed to also be missed in the simplified… sighs)

The atmosphere livened up again.


After taking care of the five suitcases, the center of the studio became emptier.

Next, the suitcases of the Beta sisters were opened.
One by one, the items were taken out for inspection.
Soon, under Qi Mu’s sharp eyesight, a large bag filled with bottles was taken out.


Xia Yue: “Skin care products and makeup, you didn’t say we couldn’t bring them.”

Qi Mu said: “This much?”

Xia Xing replied: “Yes, the two of us are very troublesome and we also have sensitive skin.
Bringing our own things sets us at ease.”


Qi Mu opened a large jar, sniffed it, and dug out a sealed bag of compressed biscuits from the bottom of the jar with a smile.
Subsequently, the chocolate and the energy bars hidden in other places were also found.
As the two sisters’ faces looked worse, Qi Mu found a stack of cash from within the cotton pads.


Mi Fei was amused.

Xia Xing collapsed as she squatted and covered her face: “Goodness, are you a drug dog? Your nose…”


In everyone’s eyes, Qi Mu definitely wasn’t a drug dog, but a beautiful host transformed into a witch.


The witch counted the dozen or so items and announced after wiping her hands: “Xingyue group, boldly carrying forbidden items, but they can’t escape from my eyes.
After all, they’re not as good as me! According to the show’s rules, a total amount of 1,600 RMB is deducted.
In other words, Xingyue group is temporarily behind the others, with a starting amount of 18,400 RMB! And up next, Chezhou group!”


Xu Tangzhou went to the center, and the camera focused on him.

As soon as he became the focus, the scene instantly quieted down like his temperament.
He was around the same height as the alpha Qi Mu.
He had a long and slender neck, and he frostily gazed downward at the suitcase.
It reminded the others of the phrase “you could only look at them from afar, but not approach”.


However, that wasn’t the case when he spoke.


He opened the suitcase: “I didn’t bring any prohibited items.
For the sake of fairness, you should give me money instead.”

Qi Mu was almost led astray by him: “You’re truly righteous.”

Xu Tangzhou’s light smile was like ice and snow melting: “Thanks for the compliment.”

Qi Mu truly thought he was too cute and she rebuked: “Nonsense.”


Xu Tangzhou really didn’t bring any prohibited items, making the ‘desperate to find something’ Qi Mu disappointed.


“Why?” Qi Mu relentlessly searched, “Why are you so honest?”


Xu Tangzhou took over for her.


As the only omega in the guest groups, Xu Tangzhou also brought chokers, pheromone blocker, and other items in addition to clothing within his suitcase.
These were all relatively safe items, and alphas shouldn’t be allowed to touch them – even if Qi Mu was wearing gloves out of courtesy.


“Because he has always been good.”

This sentence was spoken by Ling Che.


Ling Che placed his own suitcase on the tall platform, not understanding Xu Tangzhou’s surprise.
He closed Xu Tangzhou’s suitcase and said: “He’s the good type who would abide by the rules.”


The atmosphere warmed up as everyone began to clamor.
It was rare to see this side of Ling Che.


Ling Che wasn’t focusing on this, he said: “Ok, it’s time to check mine.
Qi Jie, this segment is too long.
I’ll be troubling you, we are all on a schedule.”


Qi Mu was in a good mood: “It’s not your turn yet, are you in a rush to pay the fees?”

But Ling Che didn’t look at her.
He hinted at Xu Tangzhou and said: “Still not leaving, are you waiting to be harassed?”

Xu Tangzhou: “No no.”


There was a burst of laughter on the scene.


Xu Tangzhou went to his seat and sat down.
He only heard Qi Mu say on stage: “Che Shen is too protective, I haven’t done anything yet! I’m not such a casual alpha!”


Xu Tangzhou couldn’t make heads or tails of the matter.
He thought that Ling Che would want to embarrass him.
It seems that Ling Che also didn’t want to cause trouble.

However, how did Ling Che know he was… good- No, very rule abiding?

He looked at the stage.
Ling Che was currently ignoring Qi Mu’s questions, and only urged her.


“But you’re a casual host.
Don’t you want your fine?”


It turned out that their group didn’t bring any prohibited items, let alone violated the rules.

Their group was really fresh and clean.


Qi Mu was very disappointed, not even willing to let Ling Che go back down.


Mi Fei quietly whispered to Xu Tangzhou: “Actually, when I saw Ling Che follow you on Flow yesterday, I only thought you two were just cooperating.
I didn’t think you two were actually friends, sorry about that.”

“Of course we are…” Xu Tangzhou paused, “Hm? You said he was following… me?”

From yesterday to today, he was so busy that he didn’t even have time to look at his phone.


Mi Fei said: “Yeah, he only followed you.
I’m so envious.”


During the intermission after the recording of that segment, Xu Tangzhou couldn’t help but open Flow.
He received a Flow message.


Flow assistant: Congratulations! XuTangzhouzz, the person who you have been following, Lingche45361, has already followed you.
You are the first one they followed.
Go and say hello to them!

Xu Tangzhou: “!!!”

No way!

Even if it was for the sake of cooperating, he didn’t need to only follow him!


Under that message was a button: [Understood]

Xu Tangzhou tapped the [Understood]

Unexpectedly, Flow automatically sent a brainless private message which appeared in the chat.


Xu TangzhouzzV: For you, I must be the most special person! Thank you for letting me be your first and only, one in a thousand.


Xu Tangzhou: “???”

This out of date message was written in the style of the previous century.

Most importantly, it couldn’t be deleted.


Not far away, Ling Che, who was completely surrounded by his fans, glanced at his phone.

The text box showed that the other person was typing.


Xu Tangzhou: “……”

Flow, your server is done for!

TN: Chinese terms as pinyin in this chapter


“Jie” (older sister, could be used as a respectful address for female acquaintances as well)

“Shen” (literally: god, but mainly for a highly respected and revered figure)

“Xiao” in front of names means little, but it's a way of addressing people you care about who are younger.


See glossary for more info.

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