levant questions while walking to lighten the mood.
She then asked: “Did you only bring one suitcase? What’s inside?”


Xu Tangzhou: “???”

This sister, did you have amnesia? Weren’t she the one who sent that list of prohibited items?

Aside from clothes, what else could he bring?!


No matter how much Xu Tangzhou mentally complained about the program’s arrangements, he was shocked when he entered the recording studio: within the magnificently arranged recording studio, there was a space in the middle with five suitcases stacked on top.
So they could actually bring that many?!


Lu Chengan and Mi Fei – the owners of the five suitcases – greeted him and laughed at his solitary suitcase.


“Sure enough, he’s too young.” Lu Chengan was a little older than the others and he had a mature and elegant demeanor.
Last year, he won the title of TV emperor.

“How could the other be a cunning fox like you.” Mi Fei was still a young actor, revealing his canines when smiling.
“Zhouzhou, can I call you Zhouzhou? I believe your fans all call you Zaizai.”

*TN: Reminder that Zaizai means cub, but it’s an endearing nickname for a young child too


There were seats arranged in the recording studio, and another field of heads on the opposite side.
There were only six guests, but there were more people since each guest had a cameraman following them, and there was also the director, assistant director, scene assistant, etc.


Xu Tangzhou sat next to Mi Fei, and the multitude of cameras left him at a loss.

Originally, he sat up straight, but the more nervous he became, the colder he appeared.
His fair skin was like a piece of cold jade, making other people wonder how to approach him.


Lu Chengan and Mi Fei eased his nervousness.
He was a little surprised: “How did you know?”

Mi Fei said: “My younger sister is an Omega.
After you endorsed Mist, she liked you.
When she knew that we would be on the show together, she would talk to me about you every day.

“I didn’t endorse Mist.” Xu Tangzhou slightly blushed, “I only had photos taken for their new product advertisement.”

Mi Fei didn’t panic after being mistaken: “Is that so.
Sooner or later you will.
Trust me.”

Lu Chengan held Mi Fei’s hand, his pheromone which smelled like orchids as gentle as the person himself.
He also spoke gently: “Trust our Xiao* Mi, he’s very clever.”

TN: Xiao in front of names means little (Or it's a surname, depends honestly), but it's a way of addressing people you care about who are younger.

Xu Tangzhou said: “Really? Thank you for the encouragement.”


“No problem.” Mi Fei suddenly revealed a mysterious smile.
It seemed that this Xu Tangzhou was a bit different from his appearance.


Not long after, the two beta sisters also arrived.

The older sister was called Xia Yue*, while the younger sister was called Xia Xing*.
They weren’t as extreme as Lu Chengan and Mi Fei, but they still brought three suitcases.
Girls naturally have more luggage than boys.

TN: Xia Yue translates to Summer’s moon, while Xia Xing translates to Summer’s stars.

After they arrived, the well-known host of the indoor scenes called Qi Mu also came.
She would officially announce the program rules once everyone arrived.


But half an hour passed, and Ling Che still hadn’t arrived yet.

At this moment, the appointed arrival time had been missed.


“I heard that Ling Che is preparing for a concert.” Xia Xing said, “We both share the same choreographer, and he had been busy practicing in the dance studio lately.
If he practiced late last night, then he might not be able to get up today.”

Xia Yue, from a few seats away, leaned over and looked over: “Xu Tangzhou should know.”


Xu Tangzhou who was suddenly called upon: “Hm?”

He doesn’t know!

So what did Ling Che do yesterday?!


“I’m… not too certain.” Xu Tangzhou used up all the acting skills he had, “He has been very busy lately.”

Fortunately, his facial expressions were originally never expressive, so even if he appeared very calm, he was completely panicking inside.

He couldn’t go wrong in saying that.


Suddenly, everyone remembered the “he and Ling Che were good friends” setting, and even Qi Mu said: “What if Zhouzhou gives him a call? We can then adjust the schedule accordingly.”


Many people were waiting at the site.

Many people were well aware of the true purpose behind Ling Che participating in the show.
Otherwise, how could they invite Ling Che?


Xu Tangzhou, who suddenly appeared, actually played the “good friends” card with Ling Che.
Wasn’t it because he was a clean and new Omega?


When Xia Xing mentioned this, it could have been a lighthearted prank or perhaps it hid ill intentions, but Xu Tangzhou didn’t know.

Qi Mu, however, as a highly accomplished host, asked the question to contribute to the viewer’s publicity.
This moment would be the first explosive point after broadcasting.


Xu Tangzhou was about to blow his cover.

He took out his phone and looked for Ling Che’s name in the contacts.

Mi Fei scooted over and quietly asked in a volume only they could hear: “Do you have it?”


Xu Tangzhou understood Mi Fei’s good intentions.
He lightly nodded, and the finger swiping at the screen paused.
The name “Ling Che” appeared in his contacts.

Thank goodness! Huang Qian saved Ling Che’s phone number in advance!


The venue became very quiet.

Qi Mu didn’t think it was interesting enough, so she asked him to switch to the show’s phone to call Ling Che, and connected it to the speakers.
The “beep” sounded for a long time.
When the line finally connected, everyone was very excited.


“Hello?” Ling Che’s sounded deep and sluggish as if he was still sleeping.

Xu Tangzhou resisted the urge to instinctively reply ‘hello’ as he tried to speak naturally: “Where are you?”

“On the way.” Ling Che replied instantly without asking anything back, “There’s a traffic jam.
Who knows what’s going on ahead.


Ling Che had always been arrogant and he wasn’t the type to be restrained.

So there was a high probability he simply slept in the car and he didn’t even make it a secret.


“Oh.” Xu Tangzhou didn’t know what to say.

Qi Mu quickly wrote on the prompt board.
After Qi Mu urged him, Xu Tangzhou read those words, “Do you know who I… am?”



Xu Tangzhou clammed up.


Ling Che also suddenly fell silent.


From the moment Ling Che picked up the phone, he never asked who the other speaker was.
Xu Tangzhou’s voice wasn’t very distinctive and after passing through the microphone of the studio, if they weren't familiar with each other, he might not be able to instantly recognize him.

Xu Tangzhou knew he stepped into one of the show’s pits.


Under the gazes of everyone, his breathing almost stopped and his heart beat quickly.

Ever since the annual party, they have not met again.
Strictly speaking, Xu Tangzhou and Ling Che have only met once.




A while later, Ling Che spoke in a slightly rough voice.


“!!!” Xu Tangzhou’s heart skipped a beat, and his ears began to burn.


Before hanging up, Ling Che used a very tone reserved for familiar people to say: “Do you think I’m an idiot?”

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