Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 94: Tiger Roar Valley (2)

Chapter 93: Tiger Roar Valley (1)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Tiger Roar Valley was located at the southernmost end of the Clear Sky Mountains.

After descending from Rising Star Peak, Tang Jie traversed a long mountain road. Suddenly, the view in front of him opened up, and he spotted a village.

It wasnt a large village, being home to only a few dozen families, but it was particularly lively. Several men dressed as laborers were holding down a horned bull. One of them had a long dagger in hand, and with a stab, he killed the bull, after which he took out several coins and passed them to a student standing on the side. As the student took the money, he muttered, “Only this much?” Then he shook his head and left.

A few old ladies were headed off to the slopes to dry herbs while a few middle-aged women gave another student some money.

Farther off, he saw several metal cages. Various vicious beasts were held in these cages, some of them even being low-class fiend beasts.

Tang Jie knew that this place was Tiger Roar Village.

Tiger Roar Village was a very special place in Basking Moon Academy. The villagers here primarily lived by trading with the students who ventured into the valley.

If the students got something out of the valley and didnt want to carry it all the way back, they could sell it to the villagers. The villagers would process everything on the spot, and once they were done processing, they would sell the goods to the school. At times, when the prey in Tiger Roar Valley began to run out, the villagers would help to catch some and put them in the valley.

Behind the village was the entrance to Tiger Roar Valley. A teacher sat by the entrance, responsible for taking the entrance fee. Next to the teacher was a sign upon which were written the various rules for the valley.

There were a lot of rules. For example, powerful spell arts that could damage the valley environment were forbidden, herbs that were less than a year old could not be dug out, some herbs could not have their roots dug out, some herbs couldnt be dug out until they were three years old, and so on.

As for whether or not you were actually able to tell the difference, the school didnt care. Everything had been taught in class, and if you took out what shouldnt have been taken out, you would be punished all the same.

The moment Tang Jie arrived, a middle-aged woman came up to greet him. Smiling, she asked, “Little Brother, do you plan to enter the valley? Why not buy a map? Only ten spirit coins.”

“A map? Ten coins?” Tang Jie asked in shock.

“Yes.” The woman clapped her hands. “Little Brother, dont think it to be too expensive. With this map of mine, youll be able to go wherever you want without fear of getting lost. You have to understand that my man nearly died several times to get it all drawn out.”

“Why would I worry about getting lost?” Tang Jie chuckled. “You have to get a token before going in, and every time you go in, you automatically get teleported out after twelve hours, and if youre in danger, you can also have yourself teleported out before that. I shouldnt have to worry about getting lost no matter where I go, right?”

The woman laughed. “Thats true, but besides giving directions, my map also has notes on where the resources are. What fiend beasts are where and where certain herbs are planted are all clearly marked. Forget it. Ive taken a liking to you, so Ill take a bit of a loss and sell it to you for five coins. That should be good enough, right?”

“So these maps must sell very well.”

“Naturally,” the woman boasted.

“That being so, I presume that those gathering points marked on the map have been picked clean? Even if theres still some left, Im afraid that it wont be easy to gather,” Tang Jie commented.

The womans face instantly went stiff. Turning serious, she said, “So you arent easy to fool. If you didnt want to buy, why didnt you say something earlier and save me some energy?”

She turned around and left in a huff.

Tang Jie found this rather funny. He shouted, “If youre willing to sell it for one spirit coin, Ill take one.”

The woman immediately turned around. “Deal!”

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