Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 93: Tiger Roar Valley (1)

Chapter 92: Seeking a Revenue Source

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

“Frost Sulfur, White Saltpeter, Darkcloud, Glaze Powder… As expected, the Basking Moon Sect is bursting with wealth.” Tang Jie carefully organized the materials he had collected.

These materials were all superb materials for laying down formations, probably worth around eight hundred spirit coins all together.

Since Tang Jie had neither the support of a wealthy clan, some golden finger that could produce money, nor an invention that could make him rich, he had to make good use of this rare opportunity.

Since coming to Basking Moon Academy, Tang Jie had gotten rich twice. One had been granted to him by Xie Fengtang, the other he had obtained by killing Zhuang Shen, and now, he had a third.

With these resources, he could once more purify and refine his bones and muscles, and his strength would climb once more. Perhaps once that was done, he would have the right to go out on missions and create his own fortune.

But this time, Tang Jie didnt plan to sell these things to outsiders.

If these materials were used on Wei Tianchongs puppet, they would bring it to a whole new level. Most importantly, these were materials used for the refining formations of Celestial Defense Hall, so they were perfect for this particular application. Even if it couldnt reach the level of Celestial Defense Halls puppets, it would at least be much stronger than the wolf puppet.

The next morning, Tang Jie went to find Wei Tianchong. When Wei Tianchong heard that he could get rare materials at a discounted price, he was delighted. But then his face turned bitter. “Ive basically used up all the money I have, and I have to keep a little for cultivation. When we made the wolf puppet, you said that we could make money with it, but we ended up not making anything, so it was a complete loss. Building another one will be even more expensive. Even though the Wei Clan sends me money every month, its still not enough.”

Tang Jie could only say, “The wolf puppet was a lossmaker, destroyed before we could use it to make money, but thats because we lacked experience. We had to at least try. This time, I have a good idea, and I can guarantee Young Master that it can be immediately used to make money once its done.”

“Whats the method?”

“Tiger Roar Valley.”

“Tiger Roar Valley? You plan to take a mission there?” Wei Tianchong jumped to his feet.

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