Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 84: Celestial Defense Hall

Chapter 83: Planning

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Though Tang Jie was at the Divine Battleground, he didnt take part. He spent the entire day watching how they trained, even asking for a list of all the victorious students in the half a month he had been in seclusion—not just the top five, but the entirety of the top one hundred.

It wasnt easy to get this information, and Tang Jie was ultimately forced to rely on his reputation as a student who had entered Heaven Ones ninth floor and obtained the Divine Firmament Sword Classic to get it.

Wei Tianchong didnt understand why he wanted it. Tang Jie only explained, “Young Master, dont underestimate the value of this information. Theres a lot of knowledge in here. Only with sufficient information can we design a plan and get a good ranking, perhaps even get into the top five.”

“You still need a plan?”

Wei Tianchong was speechless. You got the legacy of the Divine Firmament Sword Classic. Why do you need to be so careful?

From the moment Tang Jie was permitted into the ninth floor of Heaven One, he entered the ranks of the strong students. But because of his seclusion, he had not had a chance to display his strength. However, all the students believed that while Tang Jie might not be strong enough to get first place, after inheriting the Divine Firmament Sword Classic, he could at least get into the top five.

Tang Jie smiled. “Im not doing this research for me, but for you. If the plan is good, theres even a hope of getting you onto the public ranking.”

“Get me onto the public ranking?” Wei Tianchong felt his knees getting weak.

What sort of joke was that?

He knew his own strength. He had nothing else besides puppets.

And he wasnt the only one with a puppet.

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