Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 77: Young Schoolmates (1)

Chapter 76: After the Exam

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

A false accusation!

Tang Jie instantly realized what was going on.

This was a problem!

As You Shaofeng called out, a proctor student was walking toward Tang Jie, looking at the piece of paper that had landed on his table.

Tang Jie knew that he could explain that someone of his caliber had no need to cheat, but he immediately realized that noise-making was not permitted on the testing ground. If he wanted to explain, he would have to leave the testing ground, but that would mean that wouldnt be able to keep taking the test. While he would save himself from losing points, he would lose this chance to take the test.

It was a minor problem to lose out on the opportunity to take the first exam, but a huge problem to lose his chance at entering the ninth floor of Heaven One Pavilion.

In a flash, Tang Jie made up his mind.

He suddenly grabbed the paper.

Opened it.

Pushed it up to his nose, and blew hard!

This movement immediately made the proctor freeze.

You Shaofeng also froze.

Tang Jie casually threw the paper to the ground and continued answering questions as if the one You Shaofeng had shouted about wasnt him.

The student looked at the ball of paper on the ground and then looked at Tang Jies answer sheet. In the end, he simply glared at Tang Jie and said, “Youre ruthless!”

He turned and left.

Tang Jie raised his head and looked at You Shaofeng.

Their eyes met, and it seemed like sparks exploded between them.

You Shaofeng grunted and turned back to his test, but Tang Jie was still inwardly fuming.

He didnt know if You Shaofeng had come up with this idea on the spot, had planned this out, or was being instigated by someone else, but since he had tried to pin him with a false charge, Tang Jie couldnt be blamed for striking back.

Since he liked hurting others, he should have understood that he could be harmed in return.

With this idea in mind, Tang Jie decided to take things slowly, returning to his test.

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