Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 75: False Accusation

Chapter 74: Exam Preparation

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

As random thoughts ran through his mind, Tang Jie bowed. “My utmost gratitude for this generous gift, Senior!”

Xie Fengtang continued to play chess with the white crane as he said, “I called you here to ask you about how you have been doing recently.”

“This student is doing well.”

“Mm. Do you know of the matter regarding Min Dong?”

Tang Jie respectfully said, “I have heard of a little, but I do not know the details.”

Xie Fengtang explained nothing to him, casually saying, “A student has been killed, and another has gone missing. Basking Moon Academy is somewhat restless this year.”

“It is truly rather restless,” Tang Jie repeated as he lowered his head, not daring to say anything that could be taken as a mistake.

Xie Fengtang wasnt willing to let him go, continuing, “I heard that Zhuang Shen was on good terms with you?”

“We were only acquaintances, not exactly on good terms,” Tang Jie calmly corrected.

“But from what I know, he came to find you before he went missing?”

“He wanted my help to study for the big exam, but I refused him. There have been a lot of requests like this recently, and Zhuang Shen was only one of them. This student is truly too busy,” Tang Jie said, carefully choosing his words.

Xie Fengtang chuckled. “So thats how it was. I have heard that you do well in culture classes. The students of Basking Moon Academy have always complained about the culture classes, but it seems that you dont have this problem?”

“In truth, it is somewhat annoying,” Tang Jie said with a smile. “But the academy instructs us in culture classes to teach us how to act as people. Cultivation of Immortal arts is like a sharp weapon. If one does not understand principles and does not know how to conduct oneself, it would be better not to cultivate Immortal arts. It is precisely because this student understands this point that he does not dare to be negligent.”

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