Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 71: The Parting Classic


This formation recreation diagram had an internal space that allowed the storage of materials, but it only allowed putting in, not taking it out. The materials placed within could create a formation through the formation diagram at a much faster speed than normal. It could be used to prepare a formation beforehand or to lay down a formation on the spot.

The sole drawback was that the formation released, regardless of the type, would be much smaller, but the materials required remained the same. Thus, while it was good for emergency use, it wasnt proper for normal circumstances.

Even so, it was a very practical treasure. After all, it was one of the art relics that Spirit Disciples could use.

The formation recreation diagram wasnt of a very high rank—it could only store formations of Rank 2 or below, and only a single formation, not overlapping formations. Fortunately, Tang Jies level was only at Rank 2. Further up, he wouldnt be able to lay down the formations even if you gave him the materials, so he was in no rush.

Yiyi was delighted to hear this.

She had been dividing the treasures into a pile to her left, a pile to her right, and a pile in her hands, even muttering to herself, “This is yours… This is mine… This is… also mine…”

Hearing Tang Jie say this, she decided to put everything in her own pile. But she was too small to grab everything, and after tottering a few times, she ended up falling into a pile of talisman paper.

Tang Jie couldnt help but laugh. “How can you be so young yet already so in love with treasure?”

The little lass frowned and snorted, “I dont care! This is all mine!”

“Thats no good,” Tang Jie said as he walked over. “This is all stolen property, so we cant use it for now.”

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