Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 71: The Parting Classic

Chapter 70: Store the Bow

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Lying in a pool of blood, Zhuang Shen weakly groaned.

The pills effect had passed, and his entire body was devoid of strength. He could only stare at that bronze mirror in front of him.

“The Ninedark Profound Martial Mirror… I didnt think that the item my Godhead Palace was going to such great lengths to look for would be right here…” Zhuang Shen coughed and then began to laugh. “Tang Jie, youre ruthless and daring! To hide the Martial Mirror and the Azure Light Sword in a flower pot, right under our eyes!”

“Im here, so why wouldnt I bring these things with me?” Tang Jie replied, somewhat tired.

That attack just now had emptied him of spiritual energy. If this hadnt worked, he really would have had to submit himself to capture.

What truly left him uncomfortable was the emptiness of his Spiritual Space. His soul gave off an indescribable sense of hunger.

He felt weak, so he could only use his sword as a support while taking a spirit recovery pill.

Only after this did he say, “Godhead Palace… I really didnt think that the minor soldier it dispatched would be this troublesome.”

The strike from the Azure Light Sword was the final card he had to play. He had chosen the Twelve-Form Horizon Sword back then not merely so he could practice his sparring technique. More important was that it was the only martial technique that let him use the power of an art relic while still being a Spirit Disciple.

It was just that this attack took too much. The moment he did it, he would be completely out of strength. Thus, Tang Jie didnt want to use this move unless it was absolutely necessary.

He had once believed that he could avoid using this trump card, not having expected Zhuang Shen to be so problematic as to push him this far.

Zhuang Shen harshly replied, “Its good that you realize! You think that youre safe just because you have the Basking Moon Sects protection? Godhead Palace could crush you like an ant if it wanted to. If you realize this, hurry up and hand over the Martial Mirror. Otherwise, even if you kill me, the Eagle Master will realize that theres something wrong with you. You really dont think that any random kid would be able to beat me, do you?”

“Of course, of course. If my discovery of a thief was just a coincidence and not enough to confirm who I am, killing you would be no different from telling Godhead Palace that Im Tang Jiye. But you dont think I thought about this problem before fighting you?” Tang Jie chuckled.

He squatted and slapped Zhuang Shens face with the tip of his sword. “As for you, why do you think that, after you captured me, the Basking Moon Sect was going to let you go?”

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