Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 65: Spirit Gathering


A powerful palm blast obliterated the desk made of fine sandalwood.

“What happened here?” Gu Changqings roar resounded through the Eagle Nest, causing the three golden-clothed people down below to lower their heads in fear.

Gu Changqings chest rose and fell as he suppressed his rage and yelled, “You useless idiots, bastards, trash! Its one thing to not find anything, but to leave behind tracks?! Whats the point in keeping you around?”

The thought of how the people he had sent had blundered once more caused the flames of rage to burn in Gu Changqings heart. He wanted nothing more than to crush their heads!

The people below all trembled in fear, not daring to speak. It was Gao Fei on the side who said, “Eagle Master, do not be moved to anger so quickly. I think that there is something fishy going on here.”

“Something fishy?” Gu Changqing turned to Gao Fei.

Just like how Gu Changqing was the talent most favored by Godhead Palace at the moment, Gao Fei was the person that Gu Changqing appreciated the most. He would always put extra attention on his opinions.

Gao Fei explained, “Qi Ming is a veteran of the Hawk Hall, and we have all seen how he conducts his missions. He is a very mature and reliable person who has never made any mistakes before.”

Gu Changqing grunted, “I know, which is why I sent him. I didnt think he would make such an error.”

Gao Fei replied, “But I feel… Could it be possible that this wasnt a mistake made by Qi Mings group?”

“Mm?” Gu Changqing looked at Gao Fei. “You mean…”

Gao Fei bowed and replied, “I wasnt there to see it myself, so I do not dare to be too certain. However, I had someone ask some of the nearby students, and also had some people sound out Xin Yue and Si Yueer. Apparently, Tang Jie shouted about a thief because he discovered a footprint. Eagle Master, dont you think shoutingthief upon finding a footprint is making a mountain out of a molehill?”

Gu Changqing squinted. “Continue.”

Gao Fei said, “In addition, according to the information I gathered, that footprint was extremely distinct, like the owner had stepped right into the pile of flour. It would be understandable if the three of them had left some small blemish in their movements, like a few small clues in an unnoticed corner. But to leave such obvious evidence without realizing it… I dont believe Qi Mings group is incompetent to that level.”

The three people below looked at Gao Fei with warm tears of gratitude.

Gu Changqing finally regained his cool.

He sat down and stroked his chin. “Youre right. Gao Fei, I got too agitated. It seems like there really is something suspicious going on…”

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