Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 64: The Fisherman

“What? Youre saying a thief went into your house, and then Headmaster Xie gave you ten bottles of spirit medicine and one thousand spirit coins to comfort you?” Wei Tianchongs jaw almost fell off.

“Yup. I also didnt know that Headmaster Xie would be such a nice person and so concerned for his students. I must truly be lucky to have run into such a kind teacher,” Tang Jie replied, sighing emotionally.

“Hey!” Wei Tianchong stomped his feet and shouted, “Why did the thief have to go into your house?”

Ten bottles of spirit medicine and one thousand spirit coins! Even the Wei Clan would feel the pain from this sort of investment!

“What is there to steal in this place of yours?” Tang Jie said with pursed lips.

“So youre saying you have something to steal back at your place?” Wei Tianchong angrily replied.

“At least I have a few plants.”

“Only an idiot would go and steal plants!” Wei Tianchong was about to go insane.

“Mind your words. You might offend a lot of people like that,” Tang Jie muttered. Saying this, he took out some spirit coins and gave them to Wei Tianchong.

Wei Tianchong was delighted. “Are you splitting some with me?”

“No, this is repayment.” Tang Jie grinned.

Wei Tianchongs face immediately fell, and with a grunt, he took the spirit coins and counted them several times. When he realized that there were a few extra, he nodded in satisfaction. “I suppose you have some tact.”

Tang Jie didnt know whether to laugh or cry. “Young Master, youre the young master, and you possess immense wealth. Do you really need to be so happy over a few extra coins?”

“Haa, when you dont cultivate, you dont realize how easily money can be used,” Wei Tianchong sighed. “What does it matter that my Wei Clan has such a big business? A single bottle of spirit medicine can go for hundreds of spirit coins. Its way too expensive! Just who can buy such things? Tell me: dont they just refine pills in a furnace? Why is it so expensive? Are they all made with the worlds most rare and valuable resources?”

Tang Jie chuckled. “Young Master, you do not realize that these medicines are expensive not because of their material, but because of the manpower costs. In the end, mortals are different from Immortals. For mortals, spirit coins are like several taels of silver, big money. But in the eyes of Immortals, spirit coins are little different from copper coins, and its spirit jades that are more comparable to silver. Thus, whenever a cultivator does something, they use spirit coins as the basic unit of currency. Trying to view Immortals through the eyes of mortals is like comparing the income of a servant to the livelihood of a young master. Theres simply no comparison to be had.”

“True,” Wei Tianchong muttered. He understood this principle, but as someone who had relied on his family for everything, he had grown used to considering money in mortal terms, Thus, he found everything here ridiculously expensive.

If spirit coins were taken as copper coins, then those hundreds of spirit coins really werent a big deal at all.

This was why Xie Fengtangs first offer had been ten bottles of spirit medicine and one thousand spirit coins.

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