Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 63: Materials


A loud shout tore through the night and resounded through Alljoin Garden.

This shout immediately drew the attention of countless students, and some people quickly identified the direction the voice had come from and ran over.

In the blink of an eye, a large number of students had gathered in front of the entrance to the Carefree House. A group of monitor students pushed their way through the crowd and saw Tang Jie standing at the entrance.

“What happened? Whats with all the shouting?!” a monitor angrily demanded.

Tang Jie said to the person, “Senior Brother, a thief entered my room just now. It seems like they wanted to steal something.”

The crowd immediately became restless.

Basking Moon Academy was the highest-level school in the Sageheart Kingdom. Supervised by Immortal masters as it was, not even a mouse would be able to get in if it werent permitted. It had been a long time since there had last been a thief, but surprisingly, one had shown up today. The incident instantly became a hot topic of conversation.

The monitor students were dumbfounded. One of them asked, “Did you see who it was?”

Tang Jie answered, “It was too dark and this student just returned, so I wasnt able to get a good look.”

“Did you lose anything?”

“No. Everything in the room is where it should be.”

“Then why did you shoutthief?” that student huffed.

Tang Jie wasnt in a hurry. He pointed at the flour on the ground. “If there was no thief, where did that footprint come from?”

Compared to when Tang Jie had seen it, the footprint was much more distinct.

That student instantly froze.

Basking Moon Academy had strict rules. Without permission, not even monitors were permitted to enter the residences of others without an invitation. Even if this person wasnt a thief, they still needed to be captured and questioned.

Since Tang Jie had “evidence”, this matter needed to be investigated.

The lead student immediately burned a message talisman, and less than fifteen minutes later, more people appeared in front of the Carefree House.

It was none other than Xin Yue and Si Yueer.

The moment Xin Yue arrived, he grunted, “Its been a long time since a thief has caused trouble in Basking Moon Academy. I didnt think that a mess like this would happen today.”

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