Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 6: The Visceral Manifestation Classic

A gravestone was set up in front of Little River Village.

This was a grave for the whole population of Little River Village. All that was written on it was:The 138 villagers of Little River Village are buried here.

There were no names, for Tang Jie was not a member of Little River Village. He could not write down the names, for he should not have known them!

Standing in front of the grave, Tang Jie was emotionless.

No—there was a sliver of sympathy and rage. These were emotions that any normal person would feel after experiencing such a tragedy, but these were not emotions one who belonged to Little River Village would have.

Tang Jie utilized his anger well to mask his pain.

Thus, no matter how closely Xu Muyang looked, he wouldnt see the expected sorrow on Tang Jies face.

There was no way a twelve-year-old boy could conceal his emotions. Xu Muyang had to give up on this fantasy.

After glancing one last time at Yayas grave, Tang Jie turned around. “Lets go.”

Tang Jie set off first, and while Xu Muyang was still behind him, he took the chance to silently cry… It was a distance of more than one hundred li between Little River Village and Anyang Prefecture.

At Xu Muyangs usual speed, he could have reached it easily, but he wasnt fully recovered and had theburden of Tang Jie, so they could only walk.

Fortunately, Tang Jie managed to find a few horses out in the fields that had originally belonged to the bandits. He then found a flatbed cart in the village and attached the horses to them, thus making a flatbed carriage that the two of them could sit on.

Tang Jie tied a few more horses to the back of the cart and loaded them with some of the better weapons, claiming that they could sell them once they got to Anyang Prefecture.

Though Immortals did not lack for supplies, Tang Jie clearly had no intention of relying on Xu Muyang for food and drink, but was intending to rely on himself.

Since they were traveling, they had to occasionally converse, deepening their understanding of each other.

Tang Jie fabricated a background, saying he had come from Sunward Village on the other side of Jade Orchid Mountain, and he was heading to Anyang Prefecture to look for work. Though he was only twelve, in this world, a twelve-year-old boy could already do some work, and it wasnt rare to see them working alone. As for Sunward Village, Tang Jie had been there before, so if Xu Muyang interrogated him, he could answer any questions. However, Xu Muyang didnt ask any more questions, completely believing Tang Jies story.

However, Xu Muyang kept his own background mysterious, only saying that he was a cultivator who had long ago forgotten about mortal affairs and was no longer willing to bring them up. As for the address ofHonored Immortal, Tang Jie was asked to no longer use it and to instead call himTrue Person.

He didnt want to say much, but Tang Jie had a variety of questions.

“Why should I address you asTrue Person and notHonored Immortal?”

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