Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 55: Spirit Objects

Wei Tianchong said nothing on the way back.

Only when they were back in the Meditation Garden, as he watched Tang Jie and Shi Meng cleaning up the house, splitting the spirit seeds they had bought, and preparing the ground, did Wei Tianchong suddenly ask, “Tang Jie, am I not really useless?”

“Young Master, where did this question come from?”

“I know even if you dont say anything.” Wei Tianchong dejectedly sat on a stone stool. “In your eyes, Im probably just someone who came from a good family. Outside of the Wei Clan, Im just a loser who cant do anything. Without the two of you, I might not even be able to survive…”

Shi Meng hurriedly said, “Young Master, you cant say such things. Youre the young master, so we should serve you. Thats only natural.”

“Dont try to trick me, Shi Meng, and I didnt ask you. I asked Tang Jie. Tang Jie, you wont try to deceive me, right?”

Tang Jie chuckled. Putting the spirit seeds to the side, he walked up to Wei Tianchongs side and sat down. He grabbed his own left hand, raised a finger, and suddenly pulled it back. The finger bent to almost ninety degrees, and Wei Tianchong stared in shock. Tang Jie asked him, “Do you know how to do this?”

Wei Tianchong shook his head.

Tang Jie said, “Its a little talent. My bones are more flexible than most peoples, but this talent isnt good for anything.”

Wei Tianchong didnt get what he meant. Tang Jie continued, “Actually, every person has their own talent, but its different depending on the person, and some talents are more useful than others, with some talents having no use at all. In my view, for the young master, the Wei Clan is essentially the talent you were born with, and its a rather useful one. Then, is having a talent wrong?”

“Of course not. So youre saying that its not wrong that I dont know these things?” Wei Tianchong excitedly asked.

“Of course its not wrong. As cultivators, we are born in mortality and seek to shed mortality, and is our goal not to rid ourselves of earthly frustrations? Since you were born in a great clan, you were born without a need to wash your own clothes, so why, when youre cultivating Immortality, do you have to learn such things? Isnt this like the tail wagging the dog?” Tang Jie asked.

Wei Tianchong grew even more excited at these words. Meanwhile, Shi Meng was in disbelief. He had believed that Tang Jie would use this chance to reproach Wei Tianchong a little more, but instead, he had said something like this.

This flattery… Do you not see it!?

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