Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 52: The First Class (2)

Early in the morning, before the sun had even risen, Wei Tianchong was woken up. He was still very drowsy, and roared, “Stop bothering me!”

Tang Jie immediately called out, “Young Master, its time for class.”

“No, I wont go. Im sleeping.”

“If we get there late, well have to stand while listening to the lecture.”

“Then well stand,” Wei Tianchong impatiently answered.

A moment later, Tang Jie pulled Wei Tianchong out from the blanket and carried him out.

“Tang Jie, you dare!” Wei Tianchong punched at Tang Jie, but Tang Jie immediately grabbed Wei Tianchongs arm. With his strength, Wei Tianchong had no hope of resisting.

“Im telling Mom! Im telling Mom!” Wei Tianchong desperately shouted.

“Then you should do it after you go to class. Shi Meng, hurry and help the young master wash up!” Tang Jie said, ignoring Wei Tianchong.

Shi Meng rushed up and angrily said, “Why is it me again? Why arent you doing it?”

“Then do you want to switch places? You encourage the young master to attend class while I help him wash up?” Tang Jie asked, lifting up Wei Tianchong in his hand.

Shi Meng looked at the flailing and cursing Wei Tianchong and swallowed. “Forget it. Ill do it.”

After flailing around for a bit, Wei Tianchong finally woke up a little.

The three of them arrived together at the Ink Fragrance Court. Quite a few people had already arrived at the lecture hall. It appeared that many students had already learned their lesson from yesterday.

Basking Moon Academy didnt have a custom of dividing classes. All fifteen hundred students listened to class together, and sure enough, there were only a hundred-some seats. As they had come early, they were able to get seats near the front.

The key here was that there were few servants that could ignore the will of their young masters and drag them out of bed. The vast majority of servants were only able to tearfully beg for their young masters to get out of bed.

As the sun began to rise, the students finally began to arrive. The majority of them didnt have seats, and endlessly cursed. But as the monitors were present, none of these young masters dared to force someone out of a seat.

At this moment, Tang Jie suddenly raised a sign.

“Seat for sale—three spirit coins.”

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