Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 44: An End to the First Stage

In the small hut behind the hall, Shi Mo waved around the knife in his hand and shouted, “Dont get close! If you try to get close, Ill stab him to death!”

In his hand was the unconscious third young master, Wei Tianchong.

This wasnt Shi Mos work. Rather, Wei Tianchong had fallen asleep after undertaking his charge at the gate.

Zheng Shufeng arrived in haste with Steward Qin and Tang Jie. When she saw what was happening, she almost fainted. Thankfully, Tang Jie was able to catch her. Zheng Shufeng shouted, “My son!” and began to weep.

“Shi Mo, do you know what youre doing? Release the third young master at once!” Steward Qin roared.

“Shut your mouth! Its all because of you that I lost my chance!” Shi Mo shouted back.

At this moment, his hair was undone and his face was savage, his eyes full of despair. He constantly gestured here and there with the knife before pointing it at the third young master like some thief who was wary of being surrounded. Tears also ran down his face.

He shouted to the crowd, “Why… why werent you willing to give me a chance…? I was willing to be a servant for life… I just wanted a chance… I wont accept it… I wont!”

He hysterically wailed.

Wei Danbai and the others also arrived on the scene. When the venerable lady saw the scene, she screamed and fainted, throwing the servants into turmoil.

Wei Danbai was furious and shocked to see his son being held hostage. He angrily said to his wife, “Look at what youve done! If you hadnt insisted on picking Tang Jie, would things have turned out like this?”

Zheng Shufeng heard her husband rebuking her, but she restrained herself for now and sternly asked, “Wheres Immortal Master Lu? Why isnt he here yet?”

“Ive already sent people to fetch him. He should be here soon,” Steward Qin hastily said.

The wet nurse shrilly shouted, “Shi Mo, have you gone crazy? Your mother entrusted you to me and told you to take good care of the third young master, but what have you gone and done? What am I going to do in the future!?”

The wet nurse wept in despair.

Relations between people had always entailed living together and dying together!

Shi Mo had dragged her down with him, and no matter how today ended, her days in the Wei Estate were bound to be a torment.

“I dont care!” Shi Mo swung around the knife. “I wont accept it! I wont! I served the young master for so many years, but how many of you appreciated my efforts? You would hit me and curse at me at the slightest excuse! Did anyone take me seriously? Why? Why is it that Tang Jie, a newcomer, could receive such treatment, while I, the young masters reading partner, cant accompany him…? I… I wont accept it!”

He began to sob.

“Audacious beast!” At this moment, a shout came from the distance, and three people flew over, their leader being Master Lu. The three Spirit Masters of the Wei Clan had finally emerged.

Before Lu Chenyang even arrived on the scene, he sent out a ray of spirit light. But just as he was about to form a spell, Shi Mo pointed the knife at Wei Tianchongs eye and shouted, “If you try anything, Ill kill him!”

Master Lu hadnt expected Shi Mo to be so resolved. He hesitated, not daring to release that spirit sword. The spiritual energy backlashed onto his body, inflicting several shocks that caused his body to sway in the air and almost crash.

The three Spirit Masters were stymied by Shi Mos tactic, and for a moment, none of them dared to make a move, looking at each other in indecision. Master Lu was just about to speak when Shi Mo shouted, “Shut your mouths and dont do anything! If anyone dares to try a spell, no matter what spell it is, Ill kill him!”

Shi Mo had his mind set on cultivation, so he had some understanding of the various abilities of the cultivation world.

Although Spirit Masters of the Mortal Shedding Realm could fly into the sky or burrow into the earth, they needed to form spells, just like how wizards needed to chant to use magic. Only at the Violet Palace Realm, when ones mind was connected to the world, were chants and forms no longer required, and any spells or arts could be manifested with the raise of a hand. This category of ability was known as the divine connection, for “Divine Will connects to the heavens and earth, creating ten thousand arts with a single chant.”

Thus, when he shouted, the three Spirit Masters didnt even dare to move for fear that the third young master would be hurt.

Shi Mo stared at the trio and shouted, “Back off! Stand farther away, and if you dare to get close, Ill kill him!”

The three Spirit Masters glanced at each other and helplessly retreated. They were normally lofty existences who regarded the likes of Shi Mo as ants, being able to kill countless such people with a single finger, but in this situation, they were utterly powerless.

Tang Jie couldnt help but mentally shake his head at this sight.

What the hell were you guys shouting for? Couldnt you have just used a concealment spell and come over from behind, after which any spell would have settled things?

But now it was no good. Shi Mo had made it so that they didnt dare to move, and if any one of the three Spirit Masters suddenly disappeared, Shi Mo would probably stab that knife into Wei Tianchongs eye. Even if he didnt die, he would be crippled.

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