Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 37: Root Carving

ly nodded her head.

“Good. Then stay here like a good girl,” Tang Jie said as he took his leave.

“Yiyiyaya!” Yiyi frantically shouted upon seeing that Tang Jie was going to leave.

Tang Jie laughed. “Dont worry. Im not leaving. Im just going to make you a nest. Im guessing that you dont plan to obediently stay in that flower pot.”

A few moments later, Tang Jie came inside with a large block of wood.

He hollowed out the block of wood, stuffed the inside with cotton, and then sewed a little pillow and blanket from a piece of cloth. He then hung a curtain over the hole, thus creating a little wooden house.

Patting the blanket, Tang Jie said, “Alright, starting from today, this is your nest. In the future, if everything is fine, you can sleep here. When Im not around, you can play around inside the room, but you cant go outside. If somebody comes, you have to be a flower in the pot. You cant let other people discover you. Do you understand?”

The little sprite nodded, and then she turned into a little white flower and quietly stood in the pot.

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