Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 35: Gossip and Slander

The next day, Wei Die really went to the lady to ask for work.

Zheng Shufeng was rather surprised to see the fourth young lady asking for work, but she considered this a good thing and didnt refuse. She allowed the fourth young lady to choose a task she liked, so Wei Die asked to be in charge of all the landscaping for the estate.

Wei Die then very awkwardly told Tang Jie that she had asked for this job because she wanted Tang Jie to help her. After all, Tang Jie worked as the gardener at the Meditation Garden. She was essentially resorting to trickery.

To her surprise, Tang Jie burst out in laughter. He considered it more like skillful management than trickery. If you cant do it yourself, just choose someone who can do the job well to help you. This was also a skill, and from this, he could tell that the fourth young lady was rather smart.

Wei Die was rather embarrassed by his praise, but she was inwardly rather pleased with herself. Thus, she made Tang Jie her assistant, and the two of them worked together to plan out the landscaping design for the entire estate. In a flash, Tang Jie had been promoted from gardener of the Meditation Garden to chief gardener of the entire estate—a rather unexpected harvest.

As many guests would be coming to the venerable ladys birthday, neither of them dared to be careless. Every day, they would get together to decide how to arrange the various gardens.

Tang Jie had been a gardener for a bit more than a year, and his experiences from his past life made him particularly unconventional. Thus, whether it was in design or execution, he was always able to suggest new and refreshing ideas.

Wei Die didnt understand landscaping that much, but as the fourth young lady, she understood how to appreciate it, and she also knew the likes of the people in the estate as well as the customs and taboos of the clan. She understood what should be done and what might end up making a mess.

One was outward-facing while the other was inward-facing, and they made for a perfect match.

Through their efforts, the gardens of the Wei Estate began to transform. Blooming flowers took the form of various vivid and interesting well-wishing birthday designs. Whether it was in the form of words, birds, fish, or insects, they were all there, and though there were many different kinds of scenes, they all joined together into a common theme. It was an endlessly interesting and beautiful landscape.

Gardening was different from other fields and was very difficult to keep secret. Thus, before the pair had finished, the people of the Wei Estate had already begun to notice and issue their praise, saying that this might be the most beautiful birthday party in the history of the Wei Clan.

Zheng Shufeng had not initially believed that the fourth young lady would be very capable, but after seeing her do such a good job, she couldnt help but give praise. Even Wei Qingsong developed a higher opinion of his daughter. This overjoyed Wei Die, and she knew that she was getting closer and closer to her dream. At this time, she finally understood the true meaning behind Tang Jies words.

It turned out that having her parents trust her wasnt hard at all. She just needed to do a good job with her duties.

Of course, all of her efforts could only truly pass the test when the guests arrived.

On this day, it was finally the venerable ladys birthday.

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