Chapter 312: The Four-Nine True Word Mantra

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Beneath the shade of the trees, Tang Jie and Xie Fengtang sat across from each other.

Xie Fengtang personally poured tea for Tang Jie.
After thinking for some time, he said, “Where did you get this mantra from?”

“Headmaster, this student left early to take part in the Immortal Fortune Conference, embarking on a long journey of one hundred days.
This mantra is something I came across on my journey.”

Xie Fengtang glanced at Tang Jie and casually said, “Once the students of the sect have reached a certain level, they will often go out to temper themselves and seek their fortunes.
But while the world is abundant with fortune, cultivators still outnumber such fortune by a thousandfold.
The vast majority will go their entire lives without encountering fortune.
But you, even though you have yet to officially start your tempering, have already come across a fortune on your way to the conference.
The heavens truly favor you.”


What he really meant was that he didn't believe Tang Jie's explanation.

Tang Jie smiled.
“This lowly one does not know if the heavens favor me or not, but this lowly one is very certain about how the headmaster has cared for me all this time.”

Xie Fengtang understood what he was getting at, and chuckled.
“Oh, it's rare to see you so considerate.
When obtaining a treasure, you know to pay respect to me.
But it seems to me that this mantra is not complete.”

“Yes, it is incomplete.
When this student obtained it, it was in disarray.
It was only after organizing it that I obtained this mantra, but there are many loose pieces.”

“Oh? Then there's no harm in listening to these loose pieces,” Xie Fengtang said, growing excited.

Tang Jie recited several random snatches of mantra.

These mantras were random and in no way connected, but from their style, they were clearly part of the same text.

Xie Fengtang found himself more entranced the more he listened.
At this point in his life, he found it hard to find a mantra that interested him so much, and so as he listened, he began to circulate energy according to the mantra in order to experience its wondrous properties.

Upon confirming that it was all real, he was delighted, but because the mantra was incomplete, he loudly sighed.

Tang Jie used this chance to say what he had understood about this mantra, and Xie Fengtang, not considering that he might have some ulterior motive, answered his questions.

He was a Celestial Heart True Person, with a broad and deep store of knowledge.
Those problems that students would waste ages over, even having to go through the process themselves, were easily answered by him.
And that Dark Lightning Art needed only half a day for Xie Fengtang to comprehend.

But Tang Jie did not leave after that, instead continuing to ask Xie Fengtang about those “random” pieces of mantra.

“Breath exits the Central Courtyard; energy returns to the Violet Temple.
With the Triple Whirlpool as the basis, the Sword of Righteousness can be formed… Headmaster, does this mean that when spiritual energy reaches the Central Courtyard Point, it should reverse back to the Violet Temple, and then when you've cultivated the Twelve Whirlpools to three whirlpools, energy that issues from the Violet Temple can condense into a sword of righteous energy to take the heads of demons and monsters?”

“Oh…” Xie Fengtang pondered the question, and then he tested it out.
A white light appeared at his chest, spiritual energy surging out into a small white sword.
But while the energy sword had appeared, it was horribly weak, dissipating as soon as it appeared.

Xie Fengtang shook his head.
“While the Central Courtyard's strong point is righteous energy and the Violet Temple's strong point is energy condensation, and sending energy from the Central Courtyard back to the Violet Temple truly is the fastest way to form a sword of righteous energy, the energy is too weak, so it's difficult to maintain its form.
The Twelve Whirlpool Art the mantra speaks of should be a method of fortifying the energy, but unfortunately… I do not have this method, so I cannot use it.
But righteous energy is only meant for banishing ghosts, so it is no big loss.”

“The problem is that this is the only offensive method provided in this entire mantra,” Tang Jie calmly said.
“In other words, this mantra can't only be used to cultivate, but also in battle.
But the excessive number of gaps means that all the fighting arts have been lost.”

Xie Fengtang chuckled.
“You want to use this opportunity to find this combat method?”

Tang Jie calmly said, “The second round of the tournament is about to begin, so the more options I have, the better.”

Xie Fengtang shook his head.
“Difficult, very difficult.
Based on the words of this mantra, it is primarily intended for cultivation.
Minor attainment in this mantra will be a great boon to many other cultivation methods, but using it directly in battle is extremely difficult.
As for that righteous sword, it's just a manifestation of energy and not an actual way of fighting.”

Tang Jie thought, Do you think I don't know that already?

The Ninedark Mantra was a cultivation mantra, and the Righteous Sword was the only offensive method in the entire mantra, and its target was limited only to ghosts.
This was precisely why Tang Jie had immediately marked it out as the way to get through the trial.

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The problem was that the Righteous Sword could only be cultivated after completing the first level of the Ninedark Mantra.

Tang Jie could comprehend the contents of the entire book in three days, but he wasn't capable of cultivating the first level of the mantra in three days.

This was precisely why he had sought a shortcut and found a spell art.
The mantra could not be cultivated in three days, but if he wanted to, it was enough time to gain a basic grasp of a spell art.

Tang Jie said, “I have to at least try in order to accept it.
While this mantra is profound, it lacks a method to display the power of the spell art, which is a great pity.
This student is untalented but still wants to make an attempt.”

“Oh? Then where do you plan to start?”

“I plan to start from righteous energy.
Headmaster, do you think it would be plausible to send energy back to the Saliva Container to create a sound wave?

“Condensing energy isn't enough to form a powerful sword.

“So instead of using an energy sword, gather energy in the chest to create a lion's roar.
What do you think?”

“That would require more spiritual energy.
Putting aside how hard it would be to maintain, it will also disperse energy too much, creating all sound and no fury.
But now that you bring up sound waves, the lion's roar is actually too simple.
I happen to have a 9-9 True Word Mantra, which creates edicts through the Word Law Art.
If you combine these two, you might succeed,” Xie Fengtang said, stroking his chin.

Delighted, Tang Jie saluted and said, “Headmaster, please teach me!”

Xie Fengtang didn't really know how to deal with someone so polite, so he simply nodded and said, “Ah, forget it.
Since you want to learn, I'll teach you.”

Thus, starting from that noon, Tang Jie started to learn this True Word Mantra from Xie Fengtang.

This True Word Mantra was a secret art that cast spell arts through words.
Each time it was used, one would simply need to say a word to create a corresponding effect.
It was an extremely profound art with countless forms.
It could be considered the most adaptable and most multifunctional secret art.

But it could not become a spell art that could support an entire sect, or even be entered into the Divine Firmament Sword Classic.

The reason was simply that it was too weak.

While the True Mantra had 9-times-9 words for 81 laws, 81 different spell art effects, their power wasn't even half that of the corresponding spell art.
It was a mantra that was only useful for bullying the weak.

But the True Word Mantra was exactly what Tang Jie needed to complement the Ninedark Mantra.

Three days went by in a flash.

The first to finish comprehending their mantra was Peng Yaolong.

This wasn't because he was incredibly talented, but because among all the people that mantras had been distributed to, his had suited him the most.

In the morning, Tang Jie went to find Peng Yaolong.
He asked about how Peng Yaolong had managed to comprehend the mantra, tried it out for himself, had Peng Yaolong correct any errors, and once he had confirmed that everything was correct, he left.

Peng Yaolong didn't let him leave, pulling on him and asking, “Why did you teach me this?”

Tang Jie replied, “Don't you already know? I don't have time to comprehend it myself, so I had you help me.”

There was no way Peng Yaolong would believe this.

There was a practically endless amount of time to cultivate.
How much of a rush could someone be in, that they couldn't even wait a few days before passing such an important mantra to someone else?

Thus, he glared at him and said, “Don't try that on me! You think I don't know how valuable the Energy-Blood Simulflow Mantra is? If you need help with something, just go and tell me.
I don't take advantage of others.”

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Tang Jie shook his head.
“I don't need you to help me with anything.
We're all brothers, and when I saw that Energy-Blood Simulfow fit you, I gave it to you.
All that you needed to do was tell me what you comprehended.”

“'We're all brothers'…” Peng Yaolong pondered these words, and then he threw his head back and laughed.
“Good! Very good, Tang Jie! You're right! We're all brothers, so I'm actually being unreasonable by arguing with you.
Since that's the case, I'll take this mantra.
Starting from today, I am your brother!”


He heavily patted Tang Jie several times on the shoulder and then headed back into his room to cultivate.

Seeing how excited he was, Tang Jie left, shaking his head with a bitter smile on his lips.

After leaving Peng Yaolong, Tang Jie went to Ye Tianshang.
Sure enough, Ye Tianshang was looking at him strangely.

Tang Jie raised a hand and stopped him.
“We're all brothers, so I don't need your thanks.
I don't like using my head too much, so hurry and tell me what you've understood.”

Ye Tianshang breathed in and slowly said, “The Twelve Hidden Whirlpools Mantra does allow energy to be sent through many different channels, allowing multiple arts to be used together, but it has different effects on different channels.
In my testing over the last few days, I've gotten a rough idea of what's going on.
But this mantra is very mysterious, and I still haven't found all of its secrets.
In the short time available, this is all I've been able to grasp…”

“It's enough.” Tang Jie was very satisfied with Ye Tianshang's results.

As he was leaving, Ye Tianshang shouted, “Tang Jie!”

“Hm?” Tang Jie turned around and looked at Ye Tianshang.

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Ye Tianshang said, “I know that you were looking for an excuse to give me this mantra, and though I don't know why you have such a high opinion of me… I'll remember this.”

Tang Jie simply smiled and nodded his head before going to find Qi Shaoming.

Compared to the forthrightness of Peng Yaolong and Ye Tianshang, Qi Shaoming was much more taciturn.
He didn't say anything like “Thank you”, “We're all brothers”, or “I'll remember this”.
He just stared at Tang Jie, an extremely profound look in his eyes.
It was such that when it was time to say goodbye, Tang Jie was suddenly afraid to meet his gaze.

Wei Tianchong was much more thoughtless.

He hadn't recognized at all how precious the mantra Tang Jie had given him was.

Bright Heart increased one's intuition and comprehension power, and wouldn't show effect in the short term.
Thus, he spoke about it carelessly, even saying that Tang Jie owed him a favor when telling him about what he had comprehended from the mantra.

Tang Jie grabbed his hand and very sincerely said, “Work hard on cultivating it.
It will be good for you!”

Shi Meng was more normal, repeatedly thanking Tang Jie.
As for Cai Junyang, he was very bold about it.
“Sure enough, good brothers are loyal to each other.
Relax; once I get a peerless mantra, I will definitely share it with you.”

It was as if peerless mantras were weeds that grew on the side of the road.

Xu Miaoran was the most excited, hugging Tang Jie around the neck.

“Where did you get this mantra?

“It's naturally wonderful.

“But what about me!”

It was only after numerous exhortations that Tang Jie finally managed to escape from this beauty.

Returning to the Cleansing Sword Garden, he saw that he still had four hours until the appointed time.

The Nine Executions Immortal Formation, the ancient battlefield.

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Tang Jie's original body was seated cross-legged on a large stone, his hands forming various signs.
As his hands moved, blood-colored patterns appeared on his skin, wriggling like worms, and Tang Jie's face turned somewhat more savage.
This was the result of his studying the Boundless Return to Truth and putting his body through the process laid out within.

Not far from him, a large pack of corpses was being led around by He Chong's group of three.
When they got close, they would rush away again, only leaving behind a trail of dust.
This was the setting for Tang Jie's cultivation, but it did not stir the slightest ripple of emotion on his face.

The sky darkened and brightened, and the corpse tide ebbed and flowed.
In this fashion, three days quickly went by.

Tang Jie cultivated for three days, and He Chong's group dragged around the corpse horde for three days.
Although it was said that cultivators could go without sleep or rest, this sort of constant running was still rather painful over the long term.

On this day, Tang Jie continued to sit cross-legged on his rock.
In the distance, He Chong's group suddenly appeared and ran over to his side.
He Chong shouted, “Kid, three days is up! What's your progress on the Ninedark Mantra?”


Tang Jie raised his left hand, bent his ring and pinky fingers, and then formed a sword sign and pointed at He Chong's chest.
“If there is no issue from the Central Capital, how can one travel through the Yin Metropolis?”

After a moment of shock, He Chong blurted out, “Accumulate energy in the point, issue it from the Five Fullnesses, and perform the North Star Sign.
Why are you asking me this?”

Tang Jie stopped making the sword sign and made the North Star Sign instead, the ring finger of his left hand hooking onto the pinky finger of his right hand while the ring finger of the right hand hooked the pinky finger of the left hand.
Meanwhile, his two thumbs pressed on the ring fingers while the index and middle fingers extended straight.
A flashing image of his palms immediately appeared.

Pop! A powerful stream of energy erupted from his hands.

Tang Jie then asked, “What is the ideal method to make a thunderous roar akin to that of a tiger if issuing energy from the chest?”

“Issue the energy from the Jade Hall,” He Chong sternly replied.

“Why does the Basking Moon Sect prefer the Jade Rotator?”

He Chong immediately said, “The Basking Moon Sect emphasizes the Great Dao, and the Jade Rotator allows for both attack and retreat.
Godhead Palace focuses on defense, and at the Jade Hall, we cover all approaches.
Energy issued from the central point is always the most solid.”

Tang Jie brought his palms together, and his bones creaked.
“Tell me Godhead Palace's most powerful and reliable mantra for holding energy at the Jade Hall!”

“What?” He Chong was startled.

“Hurry!” Tang Jie called out.

He Chong stomped his feet, but he knew that this situation wouldn't let him have his way.
With one last stomp, he recited a mantra.

Godhead Palace focused on defense, and out of a desire to guard their foundations, their methods for guiding energy to the central axis were the strongest of all.

Upon receiving this secret mantra of Godhead Palace, Tang Jie suddenly stood up and threw out his arms.
His arms blurred as he began to make various movements, energy rampaging around his chest while his face flashed white and red.
He Chong's heart was pounding at this sight as he wondered what had happened to Tang Jie.

Tang Jie's movements only got faster and faster, and his frenzied hand signs gradually began to develop an order.
At this moment, those things he hadn't understood before were now understood, and those random cultivation mantras were gathered together into a single cohesive whole.

Tang Jie's hand movements began to slow down, but each movement was now brimming with strength.

Even He Chong's group had to admit that Tang Jie's every movement was now imbued with a mysterious and grandiose power.

Was this the secret of the Ninedark Mantra?

Tang Jie had made such a breakthrough in only three days?

He Chong had to suppress his envy and control the urge to seize Tang Jie and force him to say everything.

In the distance, the corpse horde reappeared, surging forward like a tidal wave.

He Chong and company were about to lead the corpse horde away when Tang Jie casually said, “There's no need to run.
Leave it to me.”

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He rushed forward, his left hand opening upward.
On his right, the index, middle, and ring fingers bent while the thumb and pinky extended, pressing on the left hand's wrist, forming the Ghost-Subduing Fan Sign.

Tang Jie slammed his left hand at the ground.

As he spoke this single word, the air clapped with thunder that resounded in everyone's ears.
Even He Chong felt like a peal of thunder had exploded at his ear, shaking his mind slightly.
As for that horde of corpses, it shrieked in misery.

The target of their hatred instantly shifted to Tang Jie.

Tang Jie didn't move.
He formed signs with his left and thrust at the air.

This “back” word was seemingly spoken by a king ordering about the world, causing all others to look up in fear and reverence.
Even these brainless corpses backed away in fear.

Alas, these majestic words had a brief effect.
As the True Word faded and the light retreated, Tang Jie's true form was revealed, and that tide of corpses surged.

Deng Yuqing frowned.


Personally, he had found Tang Jie's “Shake” and “Back” to be quite impressive.
Alas, the True Word Laws had always been extremely weak, and using them to push back the corpse horde was just playing around.

Tang Jie was undeterred.
He took half a step back, drew a circle with one hand, and then extended his right hand out flat and made a War Heaven Sign.
As energy flowed through his meridians, he spat out, “Break!”

This True Word Law instantly filled the air with a somber energy that stimulated the horde into shrieking.
Even He Chong couldn't help but frown.

He could now see what Tang Jie was doing.
This was a combination technique, a new True Word spell art he had created using the Ninedark Mantra as the basis.

This True Word spell art had a righteous energy that was able to intimidate ghosts, so it was able to restrain the corpse horde somewhat.
But as he was still getting used to this new spell art, its power was limited.

In the future, he might be able to break his enemy with a single True Word, but that was absolutely impossible for now.

Sure enough, the corpse horde grew more enraged after that sudden stimulation, lunging at Tang Jie.
It seemed like Tang Jie was about to be buried in the sea of corpses, and He Chong was just about to save him so that he wouldn't die and doom the rest of them.

Tang Jie stepped back another half-step, his hands forming more signs.
He cried out, “Leave!”

This was a gentle-sounding True Word, devoid of power.

But as this word left his mouth, there was a chill wind and a terrible howling.
The corpse horde was wailing in unison.
Countless ghosts appeared in the air, clearly having emerged from the corpses.
His single “Leave” word had jolted them out of the bodies.

The three of them were amazed by this sight.

How was this possible? How had he done it?

Tang Jie didn't stop there, his hands instantly forming even more signs.

There were so many signs and they changed so quickly that not even He Chong's group could keep up.
Some of these signs were unheard of, and they wondered where Tang Jie had even learned them from.

After all of these complex hand signs, Tang Jie's body erupted with energy, and he thrust his hands upward and cried, “Exterminate!”

With this word, the world exploded with light, and those ghosts that had been trying to retreat into the corpses were engulfed.
With sharp screeches, they melted away like ice.

With the death of the ghosts, the corpses dropped to the ground like blocks of wood, and Tang Jie was left alone on the battlefield.

He Chong's group was in shock, asking Tang Jie, “This… What is this?”

Tang Jie just stood motionless on the battlefield for quite a while before finally saying, “I used the Ninedark Mantra as the basis and the True Word Mantra as the vessel.
By combining the mantras of Basking Moon and Godhead, I was able to create a True Word Order Law—four orders to a law, and with thirty-six orders, there are nine laws.
I call it… the Four-Nine True Word Mantra.”

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